Splinterlands Season 61 Report Card

Last week I showed you how I played in Gold League for the first time for season 60 and why I decided to change my strategy.

That's why, for this past season, things went a bit different, and that's what I'll show you right now.

Match Report

As I said before, I didn't have a good time in Gold League in season 60, so this time I decided to rent to stay in Silver III for the whole season. However, since my rating was high, often times I competed against people with very powerful cards, that decided to stay in Silver for the Leaderboard rewards.

At the end of the season I had enough rating for Gold III, however, since the rental prices were really expensive, I decided to stay in Silver III. This is bothersome, since it makes it a grind for the first few days of the next season, however I analyzed the value of the extra chests, I realized it wasn't worth it.

Silver Rank5519
Rating1988 - Silver III
Rating High2030
Ratio (Win/Loss)1.08 (197/182)
Longest Streak9

Rewards Report

Same as last season, I got an epic monster in my End of Season Rewards! This time was Uraeus, and he's the third one I've received, meaning that I only need one more to be able to level him up.


Other than that, during the season, I got quite a few cards that I like, although in this season I didn't get any Gold Foil nor Legendary.

This is the fifth Djinn Renova that I have in my collection, and I'm really glad. Even though I haven't leveled her up, since I don't have leveled up Life summoners, she's a great addition for the CP that she brings.

And I also received a Venari Wavesmith. Even though I already had this card, I was able to delegate him to my brother, so he could master the Water deck, since the Wavesmith is a must have in today's meta.

As for the rest of the rewards, here they are.


Captured DEC

This season I didn't play as much as last time. I played daily until I reached 75% ECR. And I must note that the DEC rewards per win were lower than last season, especially during the last few days of the season, averaging 8.3 dec per win.

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Rental Report

This time, I didn't spend as much renting as last season, since I decided not to climb to Gold. I continued to rent my Djinn Oshannus to receive some extra income.

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue299 (14.95)
Cancellation Refunds264.901

SPS Report

I continued to put my SPS and DEC in liquidity pools to increase my SPS airdrop, while not staking that much. I know I may regret it later, when I don't have vouchers for the Riftwatchers, but right now I'm happy with the result.

Maybe in the future, I'll stake a more SPS, to get better rewards, but for the time being, I'll keep them in liquidity pools.

TypeAmount Claimed
Staking Rewards0.148

Overall, it was a pretty good season. Although at the end it was a little frustrating since it was difficult to break even each day, with the rental prices increasing and the DEC earnings lowering. And since my rating was high, I couldn't win as much at the end.

That's why I decided that for season 62, I wouldn't spend the extra DEC to rent a competitive team: it was too expensive and having a high rating proved difficult. So, next season I'll show you how that strategy went.

And how about you? How was your End of Season rewards? Any Gold Foil or Legendary? Let's chat in the comments!

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Once again, this post was able to be made thanks to Splinter Stats


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