Weekly Battle Challenge - DEFENDER OF TRUTH



For this battle challenge, we're tasked to talk about the Defender of Truth, an Epic Life Monster from the Alpha/Beta set.

Well, this is exciting! This is the first time that I do a weekly challenge in which the card isn't part of the base set. Although I had played with him before, and you can see that battle in this other challenge.


The Defender of Truth is a powerful wizard of Khymeria, as well as an important political figure for the Order of the Silver Shield. When the Khymian warriors march to war, the Defender of Truth is their General. He inspires his troops with the divine protection of the Silver Shield.


The Defender of Truth has 4 mana, and at level 1 has 1 Magic, 3 Speed, 1 Armor and 3 Health.


He doesn't seem that impressive for an Epic monster, until he gets to level 3 and gains the Protect ability, which gives +2 armor to every ally monster, as long as he's still standing. This is huge, because he grants more survivability to his team. At max level he has 3 Magic, 4 Speed, 1 Armor and 4 Health, dealing a lot more damage.

He's a great monster to have maxed level or at least at level 3, however, I only rented a level 1, so I didn't benefit from his ability.

The Battle

The Ruleset


  • Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
  • Allowed Splitners: Water, Life and Dragon.

The Team

For this battle, I went for low speed monsters to take advantage of the ruleset. Also, I wanted to go with a Magic team, so my options for summoner were Alric Stormbringer or Delwyn Dragonscale for ther +1 Magic. I decided to go with Delwyn since in Life I had the slowest monsters.



I don't own this summoner, but he's a great card, giving +1 magic to every monster. Right now the Water deck is so powerful thanks to Alric, and Delwyn is able to give the same benefit to any splinter that you want.

I predicted (wrongly) that my opponent was also going to go for a Magic team, so I put the Clay Golem as my main tank, for his Void ability, taking reduced damage from magic attacks.

I then decided to load up on Magic monsters and Lunakari is a solid one, with 2 Magic attack from level 1. i put her first, since she has 6 Health, she could take a few snipe attacks.

More magic damage to deal to the enemy. And he serves as a 2nd Snipe tank, thanks to his 1 Armor, in case Lunakari falls.

Even though I generally don't like using him as much as Lunakari and Renova, in this battle he was my best monster, since he had the lowest Speed of my Magic attackers, meaning that he was going to attack first in this ruleset.

A great card from this Chaos Legion reward set. She deals a solid 2 Magic damage at level 1, and with her ability Strengthen, every monster on her team has +1 Health

She has the Tank Heal ability, and as the name implies, she heals the tank, allowing the Stone Golem to live longer.


The Silvershield Knight gives +1 Melee to their team, while Delwyn gives +1 Magic to my team. With this Temple Priest, Djinn Renova and Lunakari Mistress, each have 3 Magic, and are able to easily defeat the Shieldbearer. And even though the Cave Slug attacked the Defender of Truth, he didn't take any damage thanks to his Armor.

Then, Elven Cutthroat managed to sneak attack my Divine Healer, and the Defender of Truth dealt some damage to the enemy Luminous Eagle.



The Cave Slug defeats my main tank, Clay Golem, leaving Lunakari as the new tank. Then, my magic users defeat the Luminous Eagle and the Silvershield Knight one after the other. This is huge, since it removes the +1 Buff from the Knight, so his monsters are a lot less threatening now.



The Cave Slug futilely attacks my Divine Healer, before my magic team defeats him and the Feral Spirit, winning me the battle.


Other Recommended Cards


He's a great tank for the Life deck, because of his ability: Taunt, which forces all enemy monsters to attack it. This protects the Defender of Truth from being Sniped.

He functions as a Snipe tank, so, by putting him in front of the Defender of Truth, he'd be targeted by snipes, receiving less damage, thanks to Shield and Void, which he gets at level 1 and 3 respectively.

Serving the same purpose as the Onyx Sentinel, Lord Arianthus benefits from having both Shield and Void at level 1.

Final Thoughts

Even though I didn't have a level 3 Defender of Truth, gaining his Protect ability, he was a nice asset to the team, although I must say that the MVP of this battle was definitely Delwyn, giving extra damage to my Magic monsters.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Defender of Truth, and see you next week on the next Challenge!

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