Weekly Battle Challenge - ELVEN CUTTHROAT


This week we’re covering Elven Cutthroat, a common neutral monster, with low mana, meaning that it can fit easily in most teams. This is one of my favorite monsters to use from the base deck, especially combined with a Life deck. This is because of its ability: Sneak.

This ability allows the user to attack the last monster on the enemy team, meaning that a melee monster like Elven Cutthroat can attack even if it isn’t in the first position. This is particularly useful because, often times, the monsters in the backline have less hit points, so they can be defeated quickly.

Apart from that, it stands out since it is one of the cards from the base deck, meaning that you have access to this card right after you start playing! Besides that, it has an amazing speed when leveled up, and 3 melee damage at max level.

The Battle

The Ruleset

  • Little League: only monsters and summoners that cost 4 or less mana may be used.
  • Heavy Hitters: all monsters have the Knock Out ability, meaning that monster deal double damage against stunned enemies.
  • Allowed Splitners: Fire, Life and Earth

The Team

For this battle, I decided to have a Sneak centric strategy, using 3 monsters with this ability to defeat the backline first.


This Life summoner gives every monster the ability Divine Shield, which negates the first attack that every monster receives. This is useful for a monster with low hit points to have, like Elven Cutthroat, since it allows it to survive another attack.

Since the Water splinter wasn't available, which is the most magic centry deck, I decided to use the Crystal Jaguar as the tank, which, at level 4 gets the Thorns ability. With this, every monster that deals melee damage to the Crystal Jaguar receives damage as well.

This epic monster, from the new rewards also has the Sneak ability from level 1 like the Elven Cutthroat.

This Life monster gains the Protect ability at level 3. This ability gives +2 armor to every monster on their team. Combined with Divine Shield guarantees that every monster will survive 2 attacks.

He's at the third position to protect him the most, since the Protect ability is active as long as he's alive.

This is another monster with the Sneak ability from level 1. Since the one I'm using is a higher level, it has 2 melee attack, dealing much more damage to the backline. It also has great speed, making it more likely to avoid attacks.

I put the Elven Cutthroat at the last position to protect the Feral Spirit in case the enemy also uses sneak attacks. Since the Feral Spirit is my monster dealing the most damage, I want to keep him alive as long as possible.


My 3 monsters with Sneak were able to defeat the Herbalist (the last monster on the enemy team) in the first round. And thanks to Lorna Shine, the attack from the enemy Feral Spirit gets nullified.
Screenshot 2021-10-27 012926.png


Thanks to the Protect from the Defender of Truth, my Elven Cutthroat survived another attack from the enemy Feral Spirit. And once again, Uraeus, Feral Spirit and Elven Cutthorat defeated the last monster on the enemy team.
Screenshot 2021-10-27 013635.png


My Sneak monster defeated the last monster on the enemy team, while the Defender of Truth took out the enemy's tank.


With all my monsters still standing, they defeated easily the remaining one from the enemy team, especially since it couldn't attack back.


Other Recommended Cards


This Life monster has the ability Protect at level 1. Since this monster is available in the base deck, it's an alternative more accessible than the Defender of Truth.

This monster is a great tank for the Life deck, since it has the ability Taunt at level 1, which forces all enemy monsters to attack it, meaning that monsters on the backline will be protected as long as the Shieldbearer is alive. This allows the Elven Cutthroat not to be targeted from the enemy sneak attacks.

This Life monster has the ability Inspire at level 1, giving +1 melee to every monster on their team. Meaning that even a level 1 Elven Cutthroat can get 2 melee attack, hitting much harder to the enemy team.

Final Thoughts

My strategy worked on this battle, since I won without even a single monster from my team dying! And the Elven Cutthroat is a really fun card to use, especially with low mana caps; and since it's part of the base set, you can use it at level 1 even if you don't own it.

This is my first time doing a Weekly Battle Challenge, even though I've known of them for a long time, and it was fun writing this analysis. In the future, I hope we get Weekly Battle Challenges of other monsters that I'm no familiar with, since, for me, the fun of this game is in renting, experimenting and coming up with new strategies every time.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Elven Cutthroat, and see you next week on the next Challenge!


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