Weekly Battle Challenge - PIRATE CAPTAIN


For this battle challenge, we're tasked to talk about Pirate Captain, a common water monster from the Beta set. This guy is one of my favorite water cards from the base set, because of his low mana, being specially useful in Bronze league.


The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ are not to be trusted. Their Captains are among the most cunning (and dangerous) creatures in the Splinterlands. Armed with muskets of secret ΛZMΛRÉan make and prepared for any situation, the Pirate Captains sail the seas looking for treasure.


As stated before, Pirate Captain has only 3 mana, meaning that it can fit easily in most teams, when there's a little mana left over.


It has the Snipe ability from level 1, allowing him to attack the first non melee monster on the enemy team, and at level 6 it gets Inspire, giving +1 melee attack to every ally monster, as long as he's still standing. Even though I haven't used him at such high level, I'm certain that would be a great addition, especially when building a melee focused Water team.

When looking at his other stats, it has low hit points, and being a ranged attacker, he's better at the backline. His speed is pretty average at level 1, but when maxed, it boasts an incredible 6 speed.

Apart from that, he stands out since it is one of the cards from the base deck, meaning that you have access to this card right after you start playing! Although when Chaos Legion arrives, he won't be included anymore, so if you like playing with him, you could buy him beforehand!

The Battle

The Ruleset


  • Spreading Fury: All Monsters have the Enrage ability, which increase Melee attack and Speed when damaged.
  • Earthquake: Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
  • Allowed Splitners: Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon.

The Team

For this battle, I didn't pay much mind to the Spreading Fury ruleset, and focused entirely on the avoiding the Earthquake damage, that's why I knew I had to use Brighton Bloom, and decided to mix him with my water deck, since that's my main deck, where I have my favorite cards.



Brighton is a must have for every Earthquake battle, since he gives every monster the Fly ability, preventing everyone from taking damage.

I used my two Djinn on front to tank the enemy attacks. First, I put Djinn Chwala because of its Thorns ability. That way, the enemy receives damage when attacking Chwala with a melee attack.

At the second position is Oshannus, to defend against enemy Snipes and in case the enemy dealt heavy Magic damage, defeating my Chwala.

I'm very lucky I got him doing my daily quest, because he has been my most powerful card by far.

Even though he doesn't have any attack, he works well as a support, because of his Tank heal ability, curing the monster in the first position, allowing them to last longer in the fight.

He's also one of my favorite cards from the new reward set. He has the protect ability, which gives +2 armor to every friend monster

Even tough I don't own him, I've been renting him since last season and he's been a great addition to my water deck. He has the Double Strike ability. This, as the name suggest, allows him to attack twice in on turn! With this, he deals 4 damage per turn at level 1. Isn't that crazy?

Finally, the Pirate Captain. Even though, he's susceptible to Sneak attacks in the last position, I put him here to protect the Axemaster, since Pirate Captain doesn't deal as much damage as him.


Djinn Oshannus, Axemaster and Djinn Chwala managed to defeat the enemy Bone Golem (who fell at last because of the Thorns), the main tank of the enemy.



Because of the Earthquake, the enemy Undead Priest and Death Elemental, quickly fall in battle. Then, all my monsters attacked and defeated the Twister Jester and the Mantoid, and left the Haunted Spirit with only 1 hit point!.


Finally, because of the Earthquake, the Haunted Spirit was defeated, giving me a victory without any of my monsters taking major damage.


Other Recommended Cards


Even though the Pirate Captain won't benefit from the +1 Magic attack, Valnamor can be useful by giving him more speed and hit points, allowing him to survive longer.

When building a Snipe centric team, the combination of Sniping Narwhal and Pirate Captain can be deadly.

With his Taunt ability, every enemy attack goes his way, protecting the backline from Snipes and Sneak attacks. This allows the Pirate Captain to survive a lot longer.

Final Thoughts

Even though I didn't focus my strategy around the Pirate Captain (instead used him because there were 3 mana left), my strategy in bringing Brighton Bloom with my tanks and damage dealers was successful.

Still, I really like using Pirate Captain, especially in low mana battles and Little League ruleset. And since he's part of the base set you can use it at level 1 even if you don't own it.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Pirate Captain, and see you next week on the next Challenge!

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