Dragon Slayers Always Fail


How could a human swordsman (or archer, crossbowman or whatever) possibly slay a dragon? A super-powerful magic being three times as large as an elephant that could fly, spits fire and is usually smarter than men? Yeah, right. If such thing like a MMA human versus dragon fight ever happened, it would end up in an instant cremation of the swordsman. And that’s basically what occurred to my opponents’ monsters when he faced my Dragon set. It just wasn’t that instant. Check this battle out.


Not a single fallen monster

A flawless victory against Kelya Frendful is quite rare, the +1 speed and +1 armour buffs sort of guarantee that most if not every Kelya’s monsters attack at least once. And since the Water Splinter has a bunch of nasty sneaking or opportunity seeking monsters, there always are casualties. Not this time, though. I used a summoner with speed and ranged attack debuffs with the latter not being really useful. Placing Bone Golem with Void to the first position was the key to success. The Void actually voided four of six monsters.

As this game took place under Super Sneak ruleset, I wanted to have the best Thorn monster on my rear – Djinn Chvala is a great choice for that purpose. He was not attacked at all but if he was, he would have eliminated a bunch of low HP creatures before failing. Just briefly to the rest of my set. Both Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith are great for such games when you know they won’t be sniped or shot down in a similar manner as they increase their HP steadily until they need it. Soul Stranger has a great cost/power ratio with 2 ranged attack for only 3 mana. And creeping ooze is a common 1 mana stuffing that slows the enemy and could possibly tank one sniper attack.

Give Dragons a shot!

Even though the battle seemed to be decided since the very first round, I realized I was quite lucky. Splintertool.io says my chance to win was actually just about 40-45 %. Dragon Splitner is a powerful side anyways, especially those summoners that are not in the starter pack. Nowadays, the rents are reasonable, I would say. If you’ve avoided Dragons so far, give them a shot, they’re worth it!