Lava Spider: A Forgettable Sniper

Lava Spider would have been a valuable sniper if only it belonged to the Life Splinter. 1 ranged attack, 2 speed and above-average HP (4) would make it quite a good card for other splinters either. Except the Fire Splinter. Alas, the most played red Summoner undoubtedly is Tarsa, at least on my level. Tarsa obviously prefers melee monsters providing them +1 attack. Hence I rarely use Lava Spider. I actually hardly notice this card in my pack. Thanks to the current challenge, I played it once. Well, I actually made myself use it.


Little League isn’t really my cup of tea, many players have better cards and/or levelled up cards I can hardly compete with. That is why I usually try various strategies I would go for otherwise. Like this time. I was sort of sure I’d face Obsidian and his magic strikers with Snipe ability (as the second special condition was Target Practice). A made a huge mistake, though. I should have swapped Spark Pixies for Lava Spider as the latter could have tanked three attacks thanks to the Summoner’s buff.

My strategy was quite clear – the Fire Splinter is in my point of view the most offensive splinter so I wanted to beat the sh*t of my opponent. It could have been a more decisive victory if I didn’t do the above mentioned mistake but I still managed to win this one. Antoid Platoon is a great low-mana tank against anything but Obsidian. Yet it managed to block Hill Giant. Scorch Fiend is a no-mana monster which I simply had to use this time.

Serpentine Spy is one of the best low-mana cards and while combined with Tarsa buffs, a lethal weapon. It was him who actually won this battle for me. Regarding the two ranged monsters, I used them to shot down my opponents magic strikers. It didn’t really work thanks to the Queen Mycelia +2 armour buff but at least I tried something that I shall not repeat any more :)

My rating of Lava Spider

As I’ve already said, Lava Spider would have been a great low-cost sniper elsewhere. It could be worth using with rare summoners that are not in the starting pack. However, the card is currently useless unless played under very special conditions.

Mana vs. Power ratio: ⭐ ★ ★ ★ ★
Low-mana cap games: ⭐⭐ ★ ★★
Mid-mana cap games ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
High-mana cap games: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Worth buying: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★