SPS delegation APR reduced drastically - #SPS on RISE - My Strategy Ahead...

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Did I stop investing in #SPS; well no. I continue to invest to make a good progress for in accumulating Splintershards (SPS) aka #SPS which is the governance token for the game Splinterlands and continue to grow my stake here. When, I say continue to grow my stake I mean quite a decent amount which at the moment is sitting around 338K+ #SPS staked which is yielding an APR of above 13% and at the same time all of this SPS is being delegated as well but as the post name suggests the SPS delegation APR has reduced drastically and has gone down from double digit to a single digit which is sitting around 3 to 4% at the moment.

SPS delegation APR reduced drastically - My Strategy Ahead...

My investment in this game has yielded an impressive 10x+ return, and the potential for further gains remains significant as I continues to invest in the game by building my #SPS stake and my next GOAL for #SPS is get as 400K+ to be staked. All my daily SPS earnings is being redirected to the staked pool at the moment. Most of my #SPS earnings is coming through avenues like holding in-game assets like Land, this is gone with the introduction of Land phase 1.5 release, Validator License Node, and Nightmare rewards. The above image displays the #SPS tokens that I receive on a daily basis via those streams. When I aggregate all these #SPS rewards, it's gratifying to note that I receive approximately 125+ #SPS daily through this rewarding system. Great isn't it? So what is plan next for SPS? Before I get there we need to see how the APR for SPS delegation is reduced to a single digit. This image is taken from peakmonsters and see for yourself the all open bids for #SPS and the demand for has been reduced - what is the reason behind it?

Well this could be tied to the land 1.5 release maybe - where players now can mine #SPS by employing workers on their land Or maybe I am wrong but something is definitely going on that has reduced the demand for #SPS rentals. At the other end we see a good momentum building up for #SPS where it is almost touching $0.03 cents mark.

#SPS is up 7% today and has a marketcap of $33+ Million, with::

Total supply: 1,171,325,586
Total liquid: 446,748,420
Total Staked: 724,577,16

Though my earning with #SPS rentals has decreased by still I continue to rent out SPS and plan is to continue doing so and accumulate as much #DEC as I can; which is another in game currency token of the game Splinterlands and most things in the Splinterlands shop and marketplace and be bought with DEC to purchase magical items, potions, and cards. The #DEC that I am getting is being staked in Land to fully power my workers working on the land. As communicated many a times, my primary objective with #SPS is centered on the strategy of building and holding - #HODL it for the long term. As a governance token, $SPS offers several advantages, with the most significant one being the opportunity for users to actively engage in the project's development. Users have the ability to vote in favor of proposals they support or express their dissent if they disagree with particular changes or implementations within the game. So until #SPS moons I am not selling a single token and will continue to build my stake here; hence the next target set for #SPS is 400K+ to be staked and enjoy APR above 13% at the moment... so can #SPS react $0.10 cents mark is the big question now? If Yes then when? hopefully soon... cheers...

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Have Your Say On Splinterlands Overall - SPS delegation APR reduced drastically - #SPS on RISE...

Did you buy some land/plots? HODL Vs SELL - SPS? How is your Investment in the Splinterlands Game looking like? Doubled? Tripled? Do you plan to buy #license Node? Howz your over #SPS stack looking like? And what has been our latest strategy in the game Splinterlands? Please let me know in the comment section below...

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Image Courtesy:: leofinance, splinterlands, pro canva, coingecko, peakmonsters

PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I've an interest in BlockChain & Cryptos and have been investing in many emerging projects..cheers


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