Heruvim1978's Cryptocurrency Income Report - July 2022

Splinterlands is cooling down, with the price of the cards going down a bit, but the price of their airdropped token, SPS, slightly up. Cool! Some extra altcoins to boost my staking, and of course some passive income tokens on HIVE (BRO, BXT, DHEDGE, you get the idea, i made a crazy plan, to get 1% of their total, and it is achievalble until end of the year, I will write about this in few days). Checked the numbers, funny enough, MOBOX , CubDEFI and PancakeSwap have the biggest profit (23% ROI per month), out of all my projects, without including Splinterlands, as I can do the math now, to the last dollar, $450 in July, with some money being tied to their soon-to-come Land NFTs. Polkamon (rebranded Polychain monsters) is a second choice, with 5.88% ROI per month. However Celsius has some problems with liquidity and stopped the transactions temporarily. Want to see the numbers? Check bellow:


Publish0x - $11.28

Read.cash/Noise.cash - $14.77


Hive blog and Hive portfolio and layer2 blogs (Leofinance, SPT, UTOPIS, LENM, LBI, BRO, POB, DHEDGE, ARCHONM) - basically I got 52$ in HIVE, quite a bit LEO on my delegated tokens (I estimate at least 300 Leo from delegations this month) and some layer 2 dust made by various other tokens. About Splinterlands blockchain game, I will speak about the airdrop later in this post.

Torum - I stopped to check them for now.

TOTAL - $78.05(gained HIVE Layer 2 tokens not included)


Play2Earn - blockchain games

Splinterlands main account - $450 from SPS Airdrop (finished now), DEC, CREDITS and Vouchers (paid by the licence node)

Axie Infinity - 17.5 RON from liquidity on Katana DEX, with another 1.15 AXS from staking- $24.36

Pegaxy - $1.65 renting out 8 Pegaxy NFT, after I bought another 2 to add to my previous 4, and this game were awesome at the start, but now things are slowing down. The BTC staying low did not help either.

Polkamon - Polychain Monsters - 14.40 PMON - $20.30

Cryptobrewmaster - 100 ASH

DCity - Hard to quantify, but I do get 0.4 HIVE daily, so that will be like 12 HIVE - $8

Risingstar - STARBITS exchanged for 45 Hive - $24.22

I discovered an interesting blockchain game in making, called ChifiBots. The game theory is intriguing, but funny, and you can find more about it on their Discord. The potential is there for you to use it.

TOTAL - $528.53



Celsius - $45 - and the rewards stopped now, so all that I have to do is to see if I can recover my funds from there (my estimate is 1-2 years waiting time)

PancakeSwap, Cub.finance and Mobox.io (BSC) pools - $110.50 MBOX, 100$ CUB, $0 CAKE - $210.50

Polygon (MATIC) - Polycub DEFI Airdrop - Finished

Kucoin - Interest KCS - 34$

Binance - BNB and rewards - $52.88

Blockfi - BTC - $7.33

Coinbase - 2.8 XTZ - $0.58

Crypto.com - 345 CRO - $42.20

Zen node - 0.25 ZEN - $3.75

Stakecube - DASH,RPB,PIVX,PHR staking - $2

Tron staking and Wink rewards - 110 TRX - $7.68

Volatility.com staking - started with $500 liquidity (1000 VOL staked) I got 4583 VOL this month ($19.34), but the fees on ETH are killing the profit.

Maiar (Elrond staking) - 0.13 EGLD - $6.67 from staking with 14.34 APR and no impermanent loss involved.

Presearch Node - 33 PRE - $2.92 (had some problems with the node, as they increased minimum requirement from 2K to 4K PRE, and i needed to use some rewards to buy some extra 1000 PRE, with a hefty 150 PRE fee to transfer it out of Kucoin, so now I count the days until the 150 PRE is covered, so I can get some profit).

Brave browser (works great with Presearch search Engine as default) - 4.86 BAT- $1.79

I add to this contest on UMA with $750 USDC won at end of the epoch lottery - total value: $750

I am also quite active on Discord, assisting the UMA and ACROSS teams, check them in there if you want to learn a bit more, and if you like to spot hidden gems long before they become well known. (This is one of my well-guarded secrets)

TOTAL - $1141.64


TOTAL crypto income in July- $1748.22 (£1436)

Splinterlands remains the only blockchain game that I am actively playing right now, with Pegaxy and Polychain Monsters used as passive income. I bought a land and 200K LEVEL in order to receive airdrops in the PsyberX game when it will launch, and a big 1000$ package with loads of packs and other bonuses in Chifibots, which will also launch soon, trying to get them before going mainstream. Still working on Hive Passive Income Portfolio also, aiming to own 1% of the total volume for BROFI, DHEDGE, INDEX, UTOPIS, and BXT.

Simple strategy for July: Mobox and Cub.finance profit will be used to buy and recover the 3 BNB used to buy a Splinterlands validator node license, Vouchers and SPT from curation spent on 1UP and LEO, until I have 50K / 25k of them, TLM on Alien Worlds is still to be used to buy back 1.95 BNB used for missions, 2000 KCS target on Kucoin, one Polychain Genesis Island to buy when I got 1 million PGLM, I already achieved in June the Rising Star 1 Million daily quest (and I plan to buy 12 packs on Rising Star and exchange the rest into HIVE every month). Other than that, this year I want to get 2000 BUSD and 2000 USDT for the 10% staking on Binance, and then slowly work out my retirement plan (200K in stablecoins stashed on apps like Blockfi). On Hive I will buy more 1UP, LEO, BROFI, DHEDGE, INDEX, and BXT. Another new hobby of mine is participating in the Power-up events, and I did win some LEO delegations one month ago. The next event right now is 1-7th of August, for PGM, with only $1-2 to be spent for the mandatory 50 PGM power-up.

All the best,


Why not...

...have fun and win rewards on my favourite blockchain games (Splinterlands- Hearthstone-like card game) (Mobox_ - GamiFI NFT platform) and (CryptoBrewmaster - Beer factory sim)._

_...get the higher rewards for your __investments __using Blockfi, _Hodlnaut. Get _ETH__ while writing on Publish0x blog, using Presearch search engine to maximize your income with PRE tokens. Use Torum instead of Twitter . I am also writing for crypto on __Read.cash _and Hive.


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