Splinterlands and BBH for 30th July 2022

I am trying to get my post out a little earlier in my evening.

Not much time left in this season but I finally got my ranking up where I like it. And I will more than 10 chests for this Life focus.

Feels good. Let's have a look.

Screenshot_20220730-183701_Firefox Beta.jpg

And i am at 42 chestsfor the season. Not bad. I willget to open the daily ones in a couple hours of this writing.

Building BBH

Screenshot_20220730-184008_Firefox Beta.jpg

Top ten tokens holding for BBH today.

Screenshot_20220730-184024_Firefox Beta.jpg

Alive token still rocking my world.

I am alive and Thriving.


May the tip and Splinters and positivity be with you.