Share Your Battle weekly Challenge: Hunted Spider



Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, how are you today? I nearly forgot to share my battle challenge for this week until I checked splinterlands block and saw the weekly challenge.
Immediately I saw it, I went to my splinterlands account, played only one battle and won. It is one of my luckiest weekly challenges in splinterlands. Most times, I have to battle for more than three battles before I could be able to see monsters for a weekly challenge.
Though, I have been fighting since 5 hours ago, completed my daily quests and claimed my loot chests for the day.
It is hard for me to win against anyone using sacred llama mage. Despite my arrangement today, I lost my battle with a player who used sacred llama mage. This is the reason I am planning to buy llama mage, it is one of the best summoners in splinterlands. I always wanted to hold the summoner because of its versatility in the battles.
I couldn’t compete against players with llama mage, it is really painful for me especially losing important battles and i have to do something to curb it at this time.

Hunted Spider is not a new card to me, I received this card some time ago from loot chests. Hunted spider is a common death monster; it doesn’t have any armor and as its level increases, the speed also increases. The highest speed of this monster is 4 while the highest health is 5. Hunted spider is a ranged attack monster with 2 range attacks from level 1-8, and 3 range monster in level 9-10.
Hunted spider has amazing ability. In fact, I came across a player that used this monster against me some days ago. If not because the divine healer that was given the poisoned monster's health, I would have lost the battle.
Spider has poison ability; and 2 health is damaged at the beginning of the next round in the battle. This poison ability makes me select healing ability monsters in some of my battles.
Click here to watch the battle

Lost Magic: Monsters with magic attack may not be used in battles: this is simply means monsters with magic may is not available in the selection

  • Undead Rexx: there was urgency to call this heavyweight monster to action. Despite no shield ability, because I like shield ability monsters to be in the first position of my lineup, I still went ahead and selected undead rexx as my first monster. Nothing fascinated me to use this monster more than the melee attack, the 5 melee attack is the major reason for using it.
    Another factor is the health of undead rexx. I knew this monster could not be eliminated in the first round. Rexx was able to skip from being eliminated in the first round, and was destroyed in the third.
    Rexx was able to withstand the attack from fire elemental, spark pixies, pyromancer, fire spitter,and living lava to the third round.
  • Hunted Spirit: there are two reasons i placed hunted spirit in second position:
    Because of blast ability monsters. You could see that it kept increasing its health when affected by blast ability monsters. Any monster aside from the hunted spirit would have been destroyed or its life would have been cut short before leading the battle.
    The second reason was to lead the battle after rexx is eliminated, which it does. Even when the hunted spirit led the battle, it continued to increase its health.
    Hunted spirit was not eliminated in the battle, it was able to lead the battle to victory.


  • Sandworm: one of my favorite monsters of all the time. anThe sneaky ability was very instrumental to my winning, adding attack from behind.
    Sandworm eliminated spark pixies and fire elemental from behind, thus reducing the attack from undead rexx.
    Sandworm made the battle very fast. if not because of sandworm, the blast ability of fire elemental and pyromancer would have destroyed the sandworm itself
  • Hunted spider: the middle is the best position for hunted spider due to the number of its health. Hunted spider’s health is the only disadvantage it has from my side. When opportunity monsters are used in the battle against hunted spider, it would destroy it without wasting time.
    Though, the monster for this week's challenge did great and is very good when a small mana cap is given because the moment it poisoned a monster in a small mana cap battle, such poisoned monster will easily be eliminated. Also suitable to use in higher levels like level 7-10 where it will be able to attack faster because of its speed.
  • Octopider: it is necessary for me to reduce the melee of my opponent's melee monsters. Therefore, octopider is my best monster to do so. Though there are monsters with demoralize ability, octopier is the only demoralized monster I have and is necessary for me to use it in this battle. It reduced the melee of mantoid to 1 and living lava to 3, thus making them not be very effective in the battle.
  • Creepy Ooze: what a wonderful monster! You might say this monster did not attack in this battle but did a great job by reducing the speed of opponent monsters. The victory wouldn’t have been easy without creepy ooze because most of my opponent monsters would have attacked before my monsters. This is the major reason creepy ooze should be used to reduced speed of the monsters in battles that require high speed monsters.