Some Reward Cards Stats And Possible Positions In Battles

Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, how are you feeling today? The recent season was incredible. I was very happy to receive 16 reward cards from 16 loot chests and DEC with only one portion.
Thanks to splinterlands team for making everything interesting and wonderful. I told my friends that splinterlands is the best company for me. It provides opportunity for me to make money through playing and posting articles; though there are many ways you can make money through splinterlands such as renting cards, selling cards, buying cards, etc.

PSX_20210917_150839.jpg I hardly win Battle against Lorna Shine summoner which prompted to buy more Lorna Shine in the market. I bought one some days ago and I want to buy more until I leveled up to level 4.
I used to be defeated by this summoner due to divine shield ability. It is 20% chances of winning when Lorna Shine summoner is used against me, because of serious defeat, i promised myself that I will get level 4 of this summoner.

I want to talk about some reward cards stats and possible positions in battles.
Hmmmm! I am not the best player in splinterlands, in fact my account is one of the smallest accounts here, it is my passion that drawn my attention to talk about these cards based on my experiences and understanding.
the cards are:

• VENARI HEATSMITH: This fire monster is one of the reward cards I got recently. It doesn't have any melee attack and it is very good to defend.
The void armor ability makes it so dare to use against magic monsters. Magic monsters hit the armo before the health unlike some monsters that magic monsters hit the health directly.
Thorns ability: we all know this ability, hitting monsters with this ability damages the health of attacker.
Just of the recent, I came against players with thorns ability as the last monster from his/her lineup. Then, I used Sandworm as the fighting monster believing that it would destroy my opponent's monsters from behind. At the end of the battle, my great sandworm was destroyed from behind by thorns ability monster. Thorns ability is very good in first and last positions.

• PELACOR MERCENARY: Wonderful monster with amazing ability. I haven't seen the combination of flying and increasing health ability til when I checked the stats of this monster.
Flying ability makes it possible to stand against earthquake, sweet able to use in the earthquake rule.
Its melee makes it sweetable to be in first position in the battles. This type of monster can only attack in the first position unless the rule allows it to attack in any position such as 'super sneak rule'.
Increasing health ability is one of my best abilities I often used in battles such as Cerberus and Flesh Golem because of the increasing health ability, but one unique quality that makes pelacor mercenary different is the combination of flying and health abilities.
LAVA LAUNCHER: Lava launcher is an Epic fire monster with 6 armor 5 health, and 3 range attack in level 1; the speed of this monster is constant from level one to the last level.
The Close Range ability allows lava launcher to attack from the first position. This unique monster can start the battle due to close range ability.
There was a day I was battling with strong player, my first and second monsters were killed; Beatrix Ironhand was the third monster, and I was watching Beatrix Ironhand attacking in the first position. After the battle I won the battle with the help of Beatrix Ironhand, I watched it over and over again. That was my first time that I saw range attack monster attacking in the first position of the battle without range attack rule that allows range monsters to start battles.
Stun ability: When Monster with stun ability hits a target, the targeted monster skip it next turn whereas it will not be able to attack.
Lava launcher is good in any position especially from third to last position. Don't just use it to start the battle because it is very easy to eliminate, It has no shield ability and other abilities that can make it to stands against massive attack.

• DJINN CHWALA: long lifespan and high armor. It is going to be good in the first position not because if higher number of health and armor but also the thorns ability.
Since the thorns ability is from the first level to the last level, djinn Chwala will be very good in first position but the thorns ability can only affects melee monsters by damaging their healths
This melee attack monster can only attack in the front position except some exceptional rules that allow melee monsters to attack in any position.
Djinn Chwala will not be fast enough to attack due to its speed and can not damage the health of magic and range attack monsters.
The enrage ability of Djinn Chwala makes its melee to increased when it is attacked.
Monsters with true strike can not miss a target. Therefore, if Chwala's true strike is activated, it can not miss a target.

• VENARI BONESMITH: Venari Bonesmith is a death monster. It has one magic attack and 3 health in level one.
Its life leech ability makes the Health of the monster increase by one when Bonesmith hits the target.
The moment this monster affects any monster with poison ability, such monster's health damage at the beginning of each round.

In conclusion, there are so many abilities I did not mention because of time.
Continue battling and enjoy your splinterlands game.

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All pictures and gif are gotten from splinterlands website.