Hi splinterlanders, how are you today? What a day! I battled to climb up and at the same time also tried to use life sapper in battle so that I could share my weekly battle challenge.
Well! I was able to get 5 focus chests; when I heard from one of my friends say, “I have gotten 7 focus chests already for today and I am going to 8 focus chests”.
I was motivated to play more so that I could get up to 7-8 focus chests. In the process of engaging in more battles, I lost 50% of the battles.

Life sapper is one of the death monsters that have a unique ability. This ability always wants me to use monsters with such abilities among my cards. This is the reason I love zalra efreet, because of life leech ability.
This kind of monster is good to use when equality rules are given in the battle, because as the life leech monsters attack, it gets +1 additional health. This makes its health increase more and more in the battle.


CLOSE RANGE: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.

HOLY PROTECTION: All monsters have the divine shield ability.

click here to watch the battle


SHADOWY PRESENCE: This monster was used due to the high numbers of health and lower mana. Shadowy presence was incredible in this battle, the monster was able to hold the opponent monster to the second round before shadowy presence was finally eliminated.

FURIOUS CHICKEN: So sweet to use this monster with zero mana. Since the mana given in this battle is very small, it was necessary for me to use furious chicken. I Understood that shadowy presence would definitely be eliminated, that was the reason I used furious chicken to delay.
You could see in this battle that I did not use a monster that could defend, most of my monsters could not be used in the first position. To be able to win the battle, furious chicken was placed in second position to delay.
The furious chicken was able to attack in the third round and was able to damage the health of the haunted spirit.

SILENCE SHA-VI: attacking from the behind was my main plan. My thought was that my opponent would place important monsters as the last monsters of which he did. This is the reason I used silence sha-vi to attack from behind. Silence sha-vi was able to eliminate undead priest that reduced the health of all my monsters. Immediately it was eliminated, all my monsters were able to regain their health.

LIFE SAPPER: This monster would have been eliminated at the fourth round of the battle but after gaining more health in the third round, it was hard for the skeleton assassin to eliminate at once.
By the time the skeleton assassin was supposed to attack the life sapper the second time, the skeleton assassin was already in the first position which was not possible to attack again.
Life Sapper was among the monsters that finished the battle without being eliminated.

DOCTOR BLIGHT: This monster really helped in this battle, I was able to afflict and poison my opponent monsters with doctor blight.

CORPSE FIEND: Another zero-mana monster that I used to delay attack from back. If not, corpse fiend skeleton assassin would have eliminated life sapper and I would have lost the battle.
Since all monsters have divine shield ability, and immediately I saw a skeleton assassin in my opponent monster as the only sneaky monster, I knew it would take a skeleton assassin second round to eliminate corpse fiend.


Definitely, my strategy worked perfectly. I was able to win the battle as a result of the way I arranged my monsters. LIFE SAPPER was really a game change, I used life sapper in the best position in this battle, if I made a mistake of using it in order other than fourth position, it would have been difficult for me to use it effectively.

Well? I have used life sapper in many positions but most times, I used it third, Fourth and fifth positions.
Whether I will use it next time or not, it all depends on the rules and mana given in the battles. If higher mana is given unto me, I cannot use life sapper because many mana will still be left. Therefore, if I am given a small mana with an equality rule, I will try to use life sapper because of the equality rule. I think life sapper will be sweeter with this type of rule.

I like life sapper, if not because of its life leech, skeleton assassin would have eliminated it in the Fourth round. Its life leech was a safe guide in this battle.

I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness.

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