Splinterlands - End of Season and Daily Quest Video - 3 Hours of holoz0r failing!


Hi everyone - today was the end of the season for ranked play in Splinterlands. As usual, the game infrastructure had a few issues getting all up and running following the massive amount of demand from everyone trying to claim their rewards, so as a result, I streamed a little later than normal today to try and miss most of the insane server load.

It worked. I thought I'd be in and out quickly with a nice little daily quest, but I got raided. Twice. Once by the very illustrious @clove71

In this stream that went for three hours, I ended with one less ranking point than what I started with. That's problematic for a number of reasons. Now, I have to play through Gold League in order to advance back to Diamond to use my cards as I want to.

The chat was hard to follow, but very engaging!

Really enjoying streaming!