Splinterlands Stream Replay - Opening 365 Rift Watchers Packs!


Today was the day that I burnt all of my hard earned potions on Rift Watchers packs. You can of course skip the video and see what I obtained by checking my account on peakmonsters if you're so inclined, but where is the fun in that?

You should instead waste at least two hours of your life (once you skip my guild brawl battles) witnessing what I managed to obtain in my packs.

I have many more to open, but they will need to wait while I slowly earn potions through ranked match play.

I'm off for vacation for a few weeks, so you'll not see me streaming for some time; but maxmaka and the rickonthemountain will be taking over for me in my absence.

I've got some posts scheduled while I'm away; so have a great time, and I'll try to jump on at least once a day to reply to comments!

Until next time...

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