Chaos Legion Cards in Silver League Part II - Water


Hey Splinterlands Community! I'm back for the 2nd part of this series in which I will be sharing those Chaos Legion cards that I am preparing for my Chaos Legion deck. Hope you guys enjoyed my first post and if you haven't seen nor read my first post, link below ⏬.

Chaos Legion Cards in Silver League Part 1 - Fire.

All right! Now that you have read the Part 1 which mainly focus on the fire element, let us now check and analyze water element.


Water Element

NOTE: Price is based on the current market value of a single BCX multiplied by the QTY.

Price (Normal/Gold)
Kelya Frendul
$107.50/$132.00 ★4 One rule: always focus on your summoner level as the summoner level determine the level of the monsters you can use. Maximizing the summoner to ★4 will allow you to use a ★5 Common, ★4 Rare, ★3 Epic and ★2 Legendary which is the maximum level in the silver league. Kelya Frendul is the most powerful summoner in Chaos Legion in my opinion. Average rental cost is around ~$.02/day.

Verdict: Must have in your deck no matter if it owned or via rental.
Hardy Stonefish
$0.92/$0.96 ★3 Hardy Stonefish is very useful against opportunity attack. This card can absorb the opportunity attack temporarily in the early round of the match. I recommended to have a ★3 as progressing to ★4 does not have any difference with ★3 and progressing to ★5 will give you 1 speed but I don't think this have much of use.

Verdict: Cheap card that you can buy. Comes in handy as a bait or a meat shield.
Kulu Swimhunter
$3.96/$5.30 ★3 to ★5 Even though Kulu Swimhunter does not have any ability, this card is still good to have in your deck especially for special situation such as the back to basic ruleset. For more information, refer to this post

Verdict: ★3 is okay but I really love to go for ★5 for additional speed and health, that 1 health and speed could make a difference.
Cruel Sethropod
$4.80/$4.75 ★5 Another monster card without any abilities. Does this monster provide any advantage? The answer is YES. Cruel Sethropod does have a thick armor and health. Used case is that this is positioned in front taking damages especially with the back to basic ruleset.

Verdict: Surprised with the Gold Foil and Normal Foil price? Go get this card.
Flying Squid
$7.20/$8.00 ★4 to ★5 A reliable reach ability dealing 3 melee damage and can act as a secondary tank because of having a high health. Flying Squid is very good inclusion in your lineup especially for high mana rounds.

Verdict: You can rent this for a cheap rental if you don't have enough budget. Go for ★5 for additional speed.
$18.00/$18.60 ★5 The crowd favorite. Almost included in the water lineup because of the opportunity skill dealing a massive 4 damage with high health and speed.The most expensive common card in the Chaos Legion Edition. I suggest for ★5 as the speed really make a difference especially for an opportunity attack. Additional information in my previous post.

Verdict: A MUST in your deck, either owning or renting.
Angelic Mandarin
$5.50/$14.80 ★4 Not an ordinary monsters that you can see in the silver league. Angelic Mandarin can provide healing in the backrow but must be on a ★4. A good combination with Wave Brood and a good substitute to Spirit Hoarder especially for No Legendary or No Neutral ruleset.

Verdict: Optional but better to have this card in your deck for some situation.
Merdaali Guardian
$11.25/$23.96 ★4 The Modern Crustacean King. Merdaali Guardian can provide healing to first position. The Kraken is the best combination with Merdaali Guardian because of the high health and taunt ability.

Verdict:For additional health to increase the survivability of Merdiaali, get the ★4.
River Nymph
$4.50/$12.96 ★3 Noxious Fumes ruleset but without Fire element? River Nymph can cleanse your frontline. At ★3 River Nymph got higher health and I don't see a good use of the amplify at ★4 when playing on silver league except using a dragon summoner with Djinn Chwala.

Verdict: Cleansing a monster really make a difference. Go get this card.
$14.50/$25.24 ★4 One of my favorite in the water element that is really powerful. With the stats of 3 melee damage, 4 speed, 6 armor and 8 health, Diemonshark is really a beast especially when the trample and enrage ability is triggered.

Verdict: Own this card. If you don't have budget, MUST rent this card.
Nerissa Tridawn
$16.00/$44.00 ★1 A high magic damage with a high health which is really a good inclusion to the lineup especially for more than 50 mana cap.

Verdict: Expensive card, renting this at low price is a budget friendly strategy. ★2 and ★3 provides additional health and speed respectively.
Wave Brood
$28.40/$45.60 ★3 Wave Brood offers a tank service either at front or at the back while dealing 2 range damage because of the taunt and close range ability. Combining with Merdaali Guardian or Angelica Mandarin further increases Wave Brood survival.

Verdict: Owning or renting this card is a good choice taunting opponent while you defeating them one by one.
Igor Darkspear
$19.70/$37.62 ★3 Igor Darkspear is useful for low mana cap matchup since this monsters cost only 2 mana.

Verdict: I prefer renting this card over buying it.
River Hellondale
$22.14/$85.82 ★2 River Hellondale provides a boost to melee damage and a resurrect skill that can raise an ally defeated monster. This is very useful together with Diemonshark and Deeplurker.

Verdict: An expensive card but renting this is an option to include in your deck.
$31.05/$115.02 ★1 to ★2 Baakjira is the favorite anti magic tank in water because it void and slow ability with high health.

Verdict: A very useful card against magic user but expensive because it is a legendary card.


In summary, Kelya Frendul is a must in your deck together with those all of those common cards. Deepluker and Flying Squid are the priority. Diemonshark and River Nymph is a must for rare cards. Epic cards must have Nerissa Tridawn and Wave Brood, while for the Legendary River Hellondale and Baakjira.

Next post would be for Earth Element! Stay tuned and keep on playing.


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Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

nice tips! the water deack is really strong!


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