Stats Hunch! The Conqueror Jacek


Hello Splinterlands Community!

In the latest townhall, the artwork for the upcoming Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner has been revealed and according to Nate the stats will be revealed once we are getting closer to the 100% (10M Chaos Legion Pack).

In this post, I will try to take a hunch on the stats of this Summoner based on the artwork and the little background that Nate mentioned in the townhall.

Let's check first the current available cards in Modern Format so we can further check what's this new summoner can offer in the current Fire Element deck.


Checking the current fire summoners:

  • A melee and range damage boost already exist, do this new card could provide the same damage boost? or are we expecting a magic boost?
  • Both Yodin Zaku and Tarsa provides a boost in health, will the new summoner provide health or a different one?
  • Pyre with the speed boost and Qid Yuff with the Piercing ability, will the new summoner be a combination of these two ability?

Chaos Legion


Dice and Reward

In the current monsters lineup:

  • There are a total of 19 melee monsters, 13 range monsters, and 6 magic monster.
  • There are a lot of monsters with a low speed. A great boost with speed would help the fire monsters.
  • Fire is considered to be one of the element with having a high melee damage. Opponents with armor is somehow an obstacle for these monsters.

🔥 Stats Hunch


According to Nate in the townhall, Conqueror Jacek is a Fire Giant who keeps the Elemental Phoenix from the Alpha/Beta edition as his pet. Conqueror Jacek is imprisoned by Ifrit/Efreet long ago and was released by the Chaos Legion which might seek revenge.

Stats #1

Since Conqueror Jacek do have the elemental phoenix as his pet, I am thinking that the first stats of this monster may be related to the stats of Elemental Phoenix.

It may be additional magic damage which fire summoner does not have currently. But there are only 6 monsters in the modern format that will benefit on this as mentioned above. It may be also flying ability as you may look the Elemental Phoenix have flying ability and looking at the art work there seems to be a flaming wings at the back of Conqueror Jacek.

There is a possibility that there would be a ressurect ability as a Phoenix is usually known to have the ressurect. It will be the first ressurect ability in the Fire element if this ability will be included.

Stats #2

Based from the artwork, Conqueror Jacek does not seems to be have armor so the additional armor may not be a possibility. Since the summoner do have a wing, it may have something to do with the speed. However it may contradict the fact that the summoner is a giant. We all know that giants are not that fast but who knows he might be fast to boost the fire monsters speed.

Maybe an armor reduction is also possible as looking at the summoner, it does not have any big weapon that can destroy an armor. Maybe this summoner is expecting that the armor has been dissolve because of his fire wings.

Stats #3

Conqueror Jacek is imprisoned by Ifrit/Efreet and is seeking revenge, so another ability that could be included is against those monsters. Checking those monsters, what do they have in common? All of them have the magic attack. The possibility that Conqueror Jacek might be a reduction to magic damage or Phase ability but I am leaning more on the possibility to have Phase ability.


🔥 Summary

In my speculation, I am leaning that Conqueror Jacek may have the set of +1 to speed, Phase ability and -2 armor reduction.

Overall I think below are the possible combination:

#1+1 SpeedPhase-2 Armor
#2+1 SpeedPhaseFlying
#3+1 SpeedPhaseResurrection
#4+1 SpeedPhase+1 Magic
#5+1 MagicPhase-1 Magic

What do you think of this summoner stats will be?


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