The Champion of the Arena - Earth Team

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They call themselves the king of the ring
Bloodlust from their veins are running within
These monsters are raise and train to fight
Behold, they are Gladiators with might!

Hello Splinterlands Community!

This is my third post in this series regarding the Gladiators from the Gladius Pack. As usual this post will cover the next element which is the earth element consisting of 6 monsters from the gladius pack. If you are following this series, this showcase the gladiator cards which are not that discussed as gladius cards can only be use in the brawls.

If you have missed out my first post which features the Fire element, please refer to the link below.



Disclaimer: All information below are based on my opinion and playstyle. Each player has its own opinion regarding these cards and I'm just going to share my opinion.


Bertrol Gobson

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.48.07 PM.png

My current highest level Bertrol Gobsin a ★2 normal foil and will need a few BCX to upgrade to the next level. In my opinion, Bertrol is a great common card starting from ★3.

Bertrol plays an important part in the battlefield simply because of the opportunity ability. Looking at the stats, the melee damage for a ★1 to ★2 is not good while starting from ★3 should be okay as each kill Bertrol have boost his stats because of the bloodlust ability. The speed is pretty good which is very compatible for the opportunity ability. The health of Bertrol however seems to be low which is why this card should be protected.

Starting from gold league or ★6, this card unlocks the poison ability. I would say that this is a Deeplurker with bloodlust ability.

The main weakness of Bertrol is dealing with thorn ability as a thron damage with amplify could weaken and kill this monster.

Usage: Bertrol current is not in my list to use in the brawl because the level I have is too low and might not even contribute in the battlefield but when this card is leveled up, I would say that this card is a good one and can be use in different scenario as this only cost 2 mana. Imagine that this is the Deeplurker/Serpentine Spy of earth splinter.

Rating: ★★★★


Katrelba Gobson

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.48.23 PM.png

My current highest level Katrelba Gobson is a ★2 normal foil and is still need a few BCX to upgrade. Just like Betrol Gobson, another important card in my opinion.

Katerlba Gobson, the sister of Bertrol Gobson, is also a powerful card. Comparing with his brother, the abilities Katrelba have is a sneak attack with a double strike. Looking at the stats, she does have a good baseline damage but still the health is low. She have much damage to provide as a ★5 Katrelba Gobson deals a 3 melee damage per attack.

Besides the sneak and double strike, the snare provides a great use when dealing with flying units. It do have a cripple as well at a higher level. It may be much powerful than his brother but this card cost 6 mana.

Usage: Expecting a flying unit? Katrelba Gobson could be use against them as this card won't miss a flying unit. Also dealing a sneak attack gives a great advantage as most of the cards in the rear do have less health which can trigger the bloodlust ability in every kill Kantreba made.

Rating: ★★★★


Cutter Brieze

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.48.43 PM.png

My current highest level Cutter Brieze is a ★1 normal foil.

Cutter Brieze is a rare card monster which deals range attack. One thing that is noticeable in this card is the mana cost which is only 1. This may be a good filler card that can attack in the backline. Looking at the stats, Cutter Brieze attack is very low in lower level. The speed is high but the health is low as well which is vulnerable in an opportunity attack.

Starting from Gold league, this card introduce a shatter ability which is good against heavy armored opponents. Overall I would say that this card may not be often use and may be ignore as only 1 gladiator card can be use in a match and the attack this card have is very low compare to the other gladiator.

Usage: Best to use in the little league ruleset and I don't think that it will be choosen as it might not give a nice damage but can be chosen if the mana capacity is low and the ruleset maybe little league and keep your distance.

Rating: ★


Palidon Rakk

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.49.04 PM.png

My current highest level Palidon Rakk is a ★1 normal foil. The tank that we may need.

Palidon Rakk is simply the gladiator tank. Looking at the baseline stats, Palidon Rakk deals a pretty good melee damage, a high health which is pretty good but a slow speed. Slow speed means that this card is a good choice for a reverse speed ruleset. A maximum Palidon Rakk in silver could deal a stun effect by using the trees to stun his opponent.

In higher league, the strengthen ability gives additional health buff to his allies. Palidon also increases his damage and health in higher level

Usage: Palidon Rakk is place in the frontline when there is a reverse speed ruleset as comparing with other tank in the earth splinter, they do have high speed except for the Mycelic Infantry.

Rating: ★★★


Quora Towershead

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.49.24 PM.png

The powerful Quora. Still unlucky that all of my gladius opening does not have any Quora Towershead.

Quora Towershead I think is one of the most powerful gladiator card because of her stats. A melee and magic damage, a decent speed and a high health. Quora's healing ability even raise this card into a different level. Starting at ★3 Quora is unaffected by any negative effect, and at ★5 she can dispel positive buffs towards the enemies.

When Quora started to trigger her bloodlust ability, this card is unstoppable and 90% of the time she will secure your victory which is why this card is usually banned in the brawls by the hosting guild.

Usage: An all around card which deals a pretty great damage. One weakness this card have is a succession of attack especially when the attacker have the giant killer ability. Quora is the card that everyone must have.

Rating: ★★★★★


Jini Guise

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.49.38 PM.png

Another legendary card which is yet to appear in my gladius pack.

Jini Guise unlike the other gladiator focus on supporting her allies. Just by looking her basic stats it is constant from ★1 to ★4 by having a 1 magic damage, 2 speed and a 5 health.

Progressing each level unlocks the support abilities which are protect that gives armor, blind that debuffs the melee and range opponent's monsters to increase the chance to miss the target, silence which reduce the magic damage of the opponent's monsters and a ressurect ability.

It is clear that those abilities are supportive spells to win the battle.

Usage: Another all around card but instead of focusing on the attacking, it focus on supporting her allies by casting a buffs and debuffs.

Rating: ★★★



The Gladiator cards from the earth splinter are mostly have use. The Gobson have their own specialty which is either opportunity attack or a double sneak attack which both deals a great damage as long as the card is leveled up at least up to ★3.

Palidon Rakk is a slow tank which is pretty good in reverse speed while Quora Towershead is too powerful and can be play in most of the matchup as long as the mana is high.

Jini Guise is a different gladiator card as it more on a support card.

Cutter Brieze on the other hand, seems to be not so powerful but there might be a special case wherein this card can be best to use such as a little league with a low mana cap.


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