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They call themselves the king of the ring
Bloodlust from their veins are running within
These monsters are raise and train to fight
Behold, they are Gladiators with might!

Hello Splinterlands Community!

I am here again doing a double post in this series this week. This is my fourth post in this series regarding the Gladiators from the Gladius Pack. As usual this post will cover the next element which is the life element consisting of 6 monsters from the gladius pack. If you are following this series, this showcase the gladiator cards which are not that discussed as gladius cards can only be use in the brawls.

If you have missed out my first post which features the Fire element, please refer to the link below.




Disclaimer: All information below are based on my opinion and playstyle. Each player has its own opinion regarding these cards and I'm just going to share my opinion.


Helmet Kharafax

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.07.59 PM.png

My current highest level Helmet Kharafax a ★2 normal foil and a long way to go to increase his level.

The first thing that is obvious in this card stats is that he does not have any attack which is ironic how the bloodlust will work on this card. In lower level it is only a good choice to act as a cannon fodder but most of the case a Pelacor Conjurer would be use.

Starting from ★4 which is silver, this card introduce the void ability which is good against magic attack while in higher level ★7 and ★10 the magic reflect and return fire has been introduce which I think is the only way to trigger the bloodlust ability.

I would say that this card is very hard to use and utilize as the bloodlust in the first place is hard to trigger and cannot be triggered in the lower league/level. Even if the bloodlust is triggered, I don't think this card can further improve and retrigger another bloodlust.

One main weakness of this card is the oppress ability.

Usage: It is very hard to determine the use of this card and the bloodlust ability seems to be difficult to use and maintain.

Rating: ★


Hugo Strongsword

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.09.18 PM.png

My current highest level Hugo Strongsword is a ★2 normal foil and is lacking of 1 BCX for a ★3 but I in my opinion, Hugo is much powerful starting at least from ★4.

Hugo Strongsword just by looking is a great tank but starting at least from ★4 to have a nice damage or at ★5 so that he have the healing ability. A shield and a heal ability is a uncommon combination but with a great effect as the durability of of this card is much stronger because he can reduce the incoming melee and range damage and can heal the damage.

In higher league/level, the enrage ability is even introduce which gives boost to the stats of this card. One weakness this card have is against magic but it may recover by healing but if most mosters are magic unit then this card won't survive longer.

Usage: Not that powerful in lower league because of the damage, it might not be powerful but in higher league with the shield and heal ability, it is good to use in the frontline or even at the backline if the super sneak ruleset is in place.

Rating: ★★★★


Ajax Lightfoot

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.11.45 PM.png

My current highest level Ajax Lightfoot is a ★1 normal foil which specialized in range and speed.

Ajax Lightfoot is a good gladiator card as this card is compatible with General Sloan. Looking at the stats, the baseline damage is good enough and the speed is so high with an okay health. With the boost from General Sloan, starting from ★3 Ajax could deal a massive of 4 range damage.

In higher league, this card can even dodge a physical and magical attack upon the introduction of dodge and phase ability which is very compatible with his high speed.

Some monsters in life can even be combo with Ajax Lightfoot such as Time Mage which decrease speed, the neutral Supply Runner which gives extra speed and some monsters with range damage.

Don't use this card for reverse speed ruleset.

Usage: Explosive Weaponry ruleset as this card have the high chance to attack first followed by high speed monsters or monsters that gives buffs and debuffs for speed in order to deal a lot of blast damage. Ajax Lightfoot is very great with General Sloan.

Rating: ★★★★


Captain Katie

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.12.59 PM.png

My current highest level Captain Katie is a ★1 normal foil and lacking of 1 BCX in order to advance to ★2.

Captain Katie a high damaging magic unit card which do have snipe ability to deal range and magic enemies in the backline. Looking at the stats, Captain Katie magical damage is high even in the base level and the speed and health seems pretty good as well. She won't be easily defeated when targeting a monster with magic reflect ability.

Because of her high magic damage, Captain Katie's bloodlust can easily be triggered and once Captain Katie starts to activates her bloodlust ability, it might be unstoppable to defeat enemy units.

In higher league, the holy protection ability is introduce starting at ★6 which gives extra protection but using Lorna Shine won't have this effect stack.

Usage: Captain Katie is an all around card and can be use in different situation. One weakness of this card is if battling against summoner that gives void armor or monsters with void and void armor as Captain Katie's magical attack is weaken and reduce which may have a hard time to trigger the bloodlust ability.

Rating: ★★★★


Marisol Contuma

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.13.38 PM.png

My current highest level Marisol Contuma is a ★2 normal foil. Got lucky enough to get 4 BCX copy of this card.

Marisol Contuma is another powerful card which deals a great damage even position in the second position. Looking at the stats of Marisol Contuma, she have a very high melee damage, a high speed, a heavy armor and high health. This card is designed as a secondary tank because of the reach ability it does have which gives an advantage to deal damage when position in the second position.

Starting at ★2, her attack may be neglected when dealing with monsters that have forcefield. At ★4 this card introduce inspire ability that gives additional melee damage to all her allies and at the max level, the trample ability further boost this card power.

Another thing that can be notice is that this card is a 9 mana cost which means that giant killer ability won't work on this card.

Usage: As long as melee and high mana capacity is available in the match, this card is powerful and can be use no matter what is the ruleset except for the thorns ability which may give damage to this card. It may survive the thorns damage but progressing the matchup, the total damage of the thorn should be a factor for a defeat.

Rating: ★★★★★


Sola Ranjell

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.14.46 PM.png

Another legendary card which is yet to appear in my gladius pack.

Sola Ranjell, just like Jini Guise from the earth splinter is also a support card. Her stats is pretty constant except on the ★4 which boosted up her magic attack but looking at the ability a tank heal which is obviously a support ability, cleanse another support ability and strengthen which gives boost to health.

One thing that is good about this card is that it cost only 3 mana which is a good news for little league ruleset.

Usage: Since Sola Ranjell is a support card, a fog of war is a good ruleset in order for this card to fully support the frontline by doing heal and cleanse ability and gives a small damage in the frontline. Little league ruleset is also applicable in this card which means there is a support for those monsters which have a mana cost of 4 and below.

Rating: ★★★



Just like earth splinter gladius card, the life gladius cards are powerful and most of them have the utility except for Helmet Kharafax which is too hard to use.

Hugo Strongsword gives a great defense in the frontline with his shield and healing ability.

Both Ajax Lightfoot and Captain Katie focus on the damage with a fast range damage and magical snipe damage respectively.

Marisol Contuma is the MVP in life splinter because of the stats and abilities it possess but is only applicable in high mana match.

Sola Ranjell is a support monster that can be use even in little league.


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