The Creature in the Swamps of Praetoria! The Mycelic Slipspawn

Mycelic Slipspawn.jpg

The Slipspawn pulled its roots free from the ground and eagerly danced across the leafy forest floor after Queen Mycelia, desperate to follow its saviour and stand by her in the times to come.

Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Share your Battle Weekly Challenge featuring the tank magic unit of Earth Splinter, Mycelic Slipspawn which gives a taunt and a forcefield ability.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.

Mycelic Slipspawn was first found on the edges of the swamps of Praetoria, in areas where the fetid waters meet with the forests and jungles. It is highly toxic and grows to a substantial size. Death is uncommon for those who touch its fibrous body however, the side effects of its toxins can cause a long list of illnesses and disease, leaving its victims severely debilitated.

When the chaos portal opened and the creeping plague infected the land, the Slipspawn struggled to endure, being completely intolerant to the deadly pandemic. But then Queen Mycelia came, she touched the Slipspawn as she passed it by and it drank from her power, an enduring energy that ran deep and defiantly cast the pestilence of the chaos taint aside. The Slipspawn pulled its roots free from the ground and eagerly danced across the leafy forest floor after her, desperate to follow its saviour and stand by her in the times to come.


🌿 The Stats

The Stats.png

  • Mycelic Slipspawn is a rare earth element which focus mainly in defense and doing a little offense. It's main task is to taunt enemies into attacking it. This card is a high mana cost and a high health.

  • Besides taunt, a ★4 Mycelic Slipspawn have a forcefield ability which only deals 1 damage for enemies with 5 or higher attack. This ability is great against high damaging monsters such as Sandworm.

  • Taunt is very great ability which do have a lot of usage. For example protecting a low monsters in the equal opportunity ruleset.

  • A ★8 Mycelic Slipspawnn provides additional slow ability which reduce the speed of all foes by 1. The speed is very important in the battle.

Combo Cards

Mycelic Slipspawn is a very great utility monster in the earth splinter.

In terms of Summoners, Obsidian is the best summoner that can be pair with Mycelic Slipspawn and Llama. The other summoners is also okay to use but it does not directly provide an improvement in Mycelic Slipspawn stats.

Obsidian offers a +1 magic boost which can help Mycelic Slipspawn to improve its damage while doing the taunt towards different monsters.
Scarred Llama Mage
Llama is a great summoner which provides a +2 health boost towards all allied monsters which improves further the tank role of Mycelic Slipspawn. Boosting the health increases the healing effect of other monsters towards Mycelic Slipspawn.

In terms of monsters, there might be quite a few monsters that can provide great synergy to the Mycelic Slipspawn

Goblin Psychic
if the ruleset is keep your distance, there is a high chance that Mycelic Slipspawn is position in the frontline to absorb incoming attack. This means that Goblin Psychic with the tank heal ability is a great combination Mycelic Slipspawn which provides a good healing.
Queen Mycelia
Queen Mycelia won't be the queen if it does not have any synergy with its minions. Queen Mycelia starting from gold league at a ★3 unlocks the triage ability in which once Mycelic Slipspawn is position in the rear, Mycelia can provide healing.
Spirit Hoarder
On the otherhand, Spirit Hoarder at the base level provides a triage which can be use in the lower league such as Bronze and Silver to heal Mycelic Slipspawn if position in the rear.
Khmer Princess
In higher league, Khmer princess provides tank heal and triage in which in any position that Mycelic Slipspawn is place, Khmer Princess can provide healing.

Favorable Ruleset

In general, Mycelic Slipspawn is very useful especially in the high mana match due to the effectiveness of the taunt ability as well as the forcefield. Below are my favorite ruleset that I can include Slipspawn in my line-up.

Favorable ruleset to pair with this Mycelic Slipspawn:

Combat-rule_equal-opportunity Small.pngEqual Opportunity
By having this rule, the lowest health is being targetted first. With Mycelic Slipspawn taunt ability, it can protect the lowest health but with a great contribution to the line-up, thus providing a great advantage over the enemy.
Combat-rule_Explosive-Weaponry Small.pngExplosive Weaponry
Without the water Splinter available in the matchup, Mycelic Slipspawn positioned at the rear and beside with Venator Kinjo will halt the blast effect of the incoming damage from the enemy.
Combat-rule_keep-your-distance Small.pngKeep Your Distance
Without any melee tank, Mycelic Slipspawn is a great tank for a range and magic units only because of its high health, taunt ability and forcefield.


🌿 The Battle

Rules of Combat

Modifications: Reverse Speed
Mana Cap: 58
Playable Splinters: Water and Earth

This is a Summun Infuria Modern Silver Invitational Tournament

Line Up

Strategic Planning
Obsidian provides a +1 magic damage towards all allied magic units. Goblin Psychic, Queen Mycelia, Magi of Chaos and Mycelic Slipspawn were the one affected by this.
Front Row
Legionnaire Alvar
The match is restricted only into water and earth element. With the reverse ruleset, it means that the opponent will highly choose earth over water and by choosing earth, it means magic. Legionnaire Alvar void armor is really great against magic unit and the giant killer is really nice for a high mana match.
Back Row 1
Goblin Psychic
Goblin Psychic with a 1 speed with a magic damage is a good choice for reverse speed. It can also heal Legionnaire Alvar and itself once transferred in the frontline.
Back Row 2
Queen Mycelia
Queen Mycelia provides +2 armor which further strengthen Legionnaire Alvar. If there are melee and range units enemies, the armor will serves as temporary protection.
Back Row 3
Magi of Chaos
Magi of Chaos is a good choice to strengthen the magic damage as it have only 2 speed and can benefit from Obsidian's buff.
Back Row 4
Goblin Tower
Goblin Tower is a great choice because of the reverse speed. The +3 range attack with the blast ability will affect the other opponent.
Back Row 5
Mycelic Slipspawn
Mycelic Slipspawn is position in the rear to divert all magic and range attack towards it protecting the Legionnaire Alvar and other magic unit to focus on defeating the foes.

Round 1


Looking at the lineup of both team, the monsters are almost identical except that the frontline is Kron vs Legionnaire Alvar and the 4th position is Spirit Hoarder which supports Mycelic Slipspawn while Magi of Chaos focus on the damage.

The Kron and Legionnaire Alvar is somehow a mismatch becaue Legionnaire Alvar's void armor ang giant killer ability is totally against Kron. Alvar's armor can withstand Kron's attack for a 2 rounds and will damage Kron by a 6 melee damage.

The Battle has begun!

In the first round, it is a one on one battle against Kron and Alvar while the backrow units will be affected by Mycelic Slipspawn taunt for both sides. It is pretty obvious that after 1st round, the opponent's Slipspawn will have much more health because of Spirit Hoarder's triage.

Round 2


Both Mycelic Slipspawn will be defeated by Goblin Tower in this round which will result for the removal of taunt ability. All backrow units to attack the frontline which is Kron and Alvar.

Kron might be defeated in this round because of the heavy damage Alvar can provide and Alvar's armor can be destroyed because of the incoming attack.

Round 3


Kron has been defeated as well as both Slipspawn in the previous round.

Legionnaire Alvar will be defeated in the upcoming round from the attack in the backrow. Opponent's Goblin Psychic on the other hand and Queen Mycelia can be defeated as well in this round because of the combination of magic damage from Queen Mycelia, Goblin Psychic and Magi of Chaos.

Round 4


A range attack from Goblin Tower will eliminate Spirit Hoarder and resulting the opponent's Goblin Tower to be position in the frontline disabling its attack capability. A magic damage from Queen Mycelia secured the victory.

A great help from Mycelic Slipspawn to prolong Legionnaire Alvar's life which secures the victory.

Battle Link

The Outcome

The Outcome.png


🌿 Final Thoughts

Mycelic Slipspawn is a great utility card that diverts the incoming range attack from the frontline which helps the frontline to survive further.

Though this strategy might be ineffective once Conqueror Jacek has been unlock because the scattershot ability does not do well with taunt ability.

In the upcoming riftwatcher set, there will be a lot of monsters that have a high mana and possibly high attack, the forcefield is a pretty good use but introducing the fury ability which deals x2 damage against taunt units. What could happen for this scenario is it a 1 damage or a 2 damage?

Overall Mycelic Slipspawn is a must have.

What are your thoughts of this monster?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.


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