The Dual Crossbow Wielder: Pelacor Arbalest

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Compounded with the Pelacor's excellent eyesight and nimble dexterity, these sharpshooters are extremely useful as snipers on the battlefield.

Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Share your Battle Weekly Challenge featuring the mighty snipers from the life splinter dealing heavy range damage, The Pelacor Arbalest.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.

Pelacor Arbalests are armed with powerful crossbows enchanted to fire bolts at extremely long distances. They are trained to wield a crossbow in each hand and can fire both simultaneously with deadly accuracy. Compounded with the Pelacor's excellent eyesight and nimble dexterity, these sharpshooters are extremely useful as snipers on the battlefield.


🏹 The Stats

The Stats.png

  • Pelacor Arbalest is a rare life element which focus mainly in offense. It's main task is to destroy the frontline because of its double attack.This card do have a low health but a very high damage.

  • At ★5 Pelacor Arbalest learn how to fly which is deadly as this card increases its accuracy against flying monsters. Furthering to ★8 will improve its basic stats.

  • The double attack ability defines Pelacor Arbalest. How the artwork is reliable if if it can't do a double attack right?

  • Careful on the monsters with headwind ability as this will weaken Pelacor Arbalest

Combo Cards

Pelacor Arbalest is a very great offense monster in the life splinter.

In terms of Summoners, General Sloan is the best summoner that can be pair with Pelacor Arbalest to increase his range damage.
Ilthain from the Riftwatcher could also be a good summoner that can pair with Pelacor Arbalest because of its additional boost to speed to increase the accuracy of Pelacor Arbalest.

General Sloan
General Sloan offers a +1 range boost which can help Pelacor Arbalest to improve his damage which is very deadly especially that all attacks will hit the enemies.

In terms of monsters, Pelacor Arbalest does not have a direct synergy with other monsters but in terms of some line-up there are quite a few that can be with Pelacor Arbalest to serve as a protection or boost in order for Pelacor Arbalest to perform better.

Shieldbearer because of its tank ability must be the best tank together with Pelacor Arbalest in order for Pelacor Arbalest to attack freely. However with the introduction of scattershot and the arrival of Conqueror Jacek, the taunt ability of Shieldbearer might be counter and a random attack might hit Pelacor Arbalest.
Pelacor Conjurer
Pelacor Conjurer is also a great frontline which can be use with Pelacor Arbalest especially in the keep your distance ruleset due to its health and flying ability which can dodge some range attack.
Time Mage
Supply Runner
Time Mage and Supply Runner are the two combination to change the speed of all monsters. Time Mage decrease the speed of enemies while Supply Runner increase the speed of his allies. With this ability, Pelacor Arbalest speed will increase and the hit rate will definitely improve a lot.

Favorable Ruleset

In general, Pelacor Arbalest is very useful for offensive. It maybe use from mid to high mana match as it cost a 6 mana. Below are my favorite ruleset that I can include Pelacor Arbalest in my line-up.

Favorable ruleset to pair with this Pelacor Arbalest:

Combat-rule_aim-true Small.pngAim True
In lower league, Pelacor Arbalest speed is only 2 and can further increase with the maximum of 3. For a high speed monsters, Pelacor Arbalest have a high chance to miss his deadly attack. With this ruleset, the deadly double attack from Arbalest will surely hit the enemies.
Combat-rule_close-range Small.pngClose Range
With the close range ruleset, Pelacor Arbalest do have the ability to attack while in the frontline which is very crucial especially at the later part of the match wherein Pelacor Arbalest is the only remaining.
Combat-rule_fog-of-war Small.pngFog of War
Possibly one of the best ruleset with Arbalest in order to maximize his deadly attack. No sneak and snipe will be able to hit Pelacor Arbalest except for the opportunity.
Combat-rule_unprotected Small.pngUnprotected
Without any armor, the double attack of Pelacor Arbalest is much deadlier as it is a direct hit towards enemies health. Just make sure to have a great speed in order for the attack to land perfectly.


🏹 The Battle

Rules of Combat

Modifications: Healed Out, Even Stevens
Mana Cap: 15
Playable Splinters: Life and Dragon

This is a Summun Infuria Modern Silver Invitational Tournament

Line Up

Strategic Planning
General Sloan
General Sloan provides a +1 range damage towards Pelacor Arbalest.
Front Row
Pelacor Conjurer
With the low mana matchup, Pelacor Conjurer is a good choice because it only have a 2 mana cost with a high health and a magic reflect against magic units. It also have a high speed together with flying that can avoid physical attack.
Back Row 1
Soul Fiend
Soul Fiend acts as a buffer incase Pelacor Conjurer is defeated. It adds a little delay before the enemies were able to deal damage towards the main attack unit.
Back Row 2
Celestial Harpy
Celestial Harpy with the flying and opportunity ability is a good choice to be the frontline before Pelacor Arbalest. It only cost 2 mana as well which is pretty good.
Back Row 3
Pelacor Arbalest
Pelacor Arbalest is the main attack unit that can deal a total of 6 attack in each round because of his double crossbow.

Round 1


Looking at the lineup of both team, Brighton Bloom's team consist of Soul Fiend which is a buffer tank, A celestial Harpy, Time Mage and Dr. Blight which are the main attacking force. This line-up specialized in speed and dodge which slows General Sloan's unit and gives flying ability to all Brighton's unit.

On the other hand, General Sloan's main attack unit is Celestial Harpy and Pelacor Arbalest while Soul Fiend and Pelacor Conjurer focus on the defense.

The Battle has begun!

In the first round, the attack from Time Mage and Dr. Blight is gonna be reflected by Pelacor Conjurer. Both Celestial Harpy will deal with the Soul fiend because of its low health.

While Pelacor Arbalest will attack the frontline twice because of its double attack, the speed difference will be a variable if the Arbalest will land a hit.

Round 2


Soul Fiend has been defeated by both Celestial Harpy dealing in the earlier round. The Pelacor Arbalest hit was able to defeat opponent's Celestial Harpy however a miss towards Time Mage because of the speed difference and a flying ability.

In the second round, Time Mage will attack and try to defeat Pelacor Conjurer at a cost of a magic reflect but the celestial Harpy will take over the frontline to avenge Pelacor Conjurer defeating Time Mage. A follow up attack from Pelacor Arbalest deals with Dr Blight.

A Victory!

Battle Link

The Outcome

The Outcome.png


🏹 Final Thoughts

Pelacor Arbalest is a truly a dangerous monster card that deals a heavy damage because of its double attack. It is very powerful especially against unarmored enemy units.

Though Pelacor Arbalest does possess a great offensive, its health is not good enough which is why it is vulnerable to opportunity attack, sneak attack or snipe attack. It does not have any armor as well. It's speed is also not that high which can cause missed attack to those high speed monsters.

This card requires a great frontline tank or a boost of speed. Be wary on the monsters with the headwinds ability as it weaken Pelacor Arbalest which is his main use. Watch out as well for those summoners that deducts range attack.

Overall Pelacor Arbalest is a great monsters especially in composition of the team which have a great frontline. In this lineup Pelacor Arbalest will have its full potential to deal heavy damage. A double attack that successfully hit the enemies in every round is truly remarkable and devastating.

What are your thoughts of this monster?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.


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