The Life Sapper! Living between the Life and Death

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They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak

Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Share your Battle Weekly Challenge featuring the monsters who Siphon energy from their victim, non other than the Life Sapper.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.

Life sappers are in between life and death. One side of their body is ghostly while the other is alive and well. They are neither fully living nor dead. They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They siphon energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.


👻 The Stats

The Stats.png

  • Life Sapper is a rare death element monster card which focus mainly in offense. It's main task is to weaken enemies by siphoning health from the enemies. By looking at the stats, Life Sapper could be not that strong but because of the life leech ability, this card is a dangerous in the end game if not killed first.

  • Starting at ★4, Life Sapper magic attack is constant at 2 until MAXED. The speed and health increases as it progress its level. The redemption ability is unlocked at max level.

  • Life Sapper seems easy to counter as this card is a low health at the start and by reducing its magic attack to 1, it won't deal any damage towards monsters with void ability.

Combo Cards

Life Sapper can be pair with anyone and does not have a direct relation with other cards except to those who can do triage such as Spirit Hoarder.

In terms of Summoners, the upcoming Riftwatcher summoner Dallan seems a good combination with Life Sapper as this will introduce the cripple ability to the life leeching monster.

Below are the summoners that greatly affect Life Sapper performance

Thaddius Brood
Thaddius Brood not only decrease Life Sapper magic attack but reduce the initial health of Life Sapper which made Life Sapper susceptible to an early defeat before it can siphon enough health to stays on the battle.
Mimosa Nightshade
Because of the Void ability that Mimosa Nightshade could offer, Life Sapper with a magic attack of 2 could only provide a 1 damage while if Life Sapper with a magic attack of 1 does not deal any damage at all.
Owster Rotwell
The siphon health from the enemy is nullify because of the magic reflect ability. Each time Life Sapper attacks, a partial damage is returned back to Life Sapper in which Life sapper could not be able to regen enough.
Bortus could easily disable Life Sapper especially if Bortus is paired with Djinn Oshannus or Baakjira. This means that a decrease of 1 magic and attacking against Oshannus or Baakjira won't deal any damage.

In terms of monsters, below monsters are against Life Sapper in terms of defense and can disable Life Sapper. In terms of offense all fast attacking monster with the opportunity could easily defeat Life Sapper.

Grum Flameblade
Tusk the Wide
These two anti magic monsters from the Fire could also withstand Life Sapper attack. Grum besides having a Void Armor, it does have a thick skin that are resistant against magic attack.

Tusk on the other hand, only cost a 6 mana but with a high health and a void ability that will really make Life Sapper attack almost negligible.
Djinn Oshannus
Both skill of Djinn Oshannus are against magic. With the Void it can reduce the incoming magic damage attack from Life Sapper or even evade it because of the second ability which is Phase ability.

Another heavy tank from water that could withstand massive damage attack. It will take a lot of time before Life Sapper could easily kill this.
Unicorn Mustang
Unicorn Mustang from the earth splinter is one of the favorite of most of the player against magic.
Pelacor Conjurer
Blinding Reflector
From the life splinter, both Pelacor Conjurer and Blinding Reflector offers a magic reflect which cause the Life Sapper's magic attack got reflected back.
Bone Golem
Djinn Muirat
In the death splinter, Bone Golem and Djinn Muirat are those against magic attack together with the majority of death summoners, Life Sapper could not stand a chance in the battlefield

Favorable Ruleset

There are quite a great ruleset that is in favor with Life Sapper.

Combat-rule_equalizer Small.pngEqualizer
Life Sapper with only 3 mana cost greatly benefit this ruleset as at the start of the battle, the health Life Sapper have is equal to the health of all monsters which means the Life Sapper could stand a great chance to survive and win the battle by siphoning more health to the enemies.
Combat-rule_fog-of-war Small.pngFog of War
Without any sneak attack or snipe attack, Life Sapper could be the last man standing in which it maximize its life leech abilities, and when Life Sapper is the only remaining, then it gain enough health to win the battle.
Combat-rule_little-league Small.pngLittle League
Life Sapper can dominate in this ruleset as the maximum mana count that a monster is allowed is 4. There would be very few monster with the void ability that is 4 or below mana cost.


👻 The Battle

Rules of Combat

Modifications: Silenced Summoners, Little League
Mana Cap: 29
Playable Splinters: All

This is a Scarred Hand Silver Cup Tournament with only Chaos Legion

Line Up

Strategic Planning
Thaddius Brood
Expecting an Obsidian user, Thaddius Brood is a great counter to Obsidian plus it provides a 1 reduction to health.
Front Row
Xenith Monk
Xenith Monk because of its healing ability is a great choice in the front position to heal some of its damage taken.
Back Row 1
Shadow Snitch
A secondary tank that could protect the backline. It does have a reach ability which is a good choice on the second position to deal extra damage in the frontline.
Back Row 2
Life Sapper
Life Sapper is the only magic user which could get enough health after Xenith Monk and Shadow Snitch perile in the battle. With enough health, Life Sapper is the one that will protect the range unit by going through the frontline leeching health on each attack.
Back Row 3
Soul Strangler
Soul Strangler gives additional 3 range damage to the frontline. It is the highest attack unit in the lineup
Backrow 4
Weirding Warrior
Weirding Warrior may not be able to contribute to the attack but the shatter ability could help a lot especially against armored units.
Backrow 5
Expecting to have a sneak attack, a Riftwing could deal with that and if the attack is missed, Riftwing to provide additional damage.

Round 1


Looking at the lineup of both team, it is a fight between Obsidian and Thaddius Brood. Obsidian's line-up consist of 3 magic monsters including Spirit Hoarder which heals the backline and Queen Mycelia which provides armor and amplify damage. Iza the Fanged is also in the line-up that can deal sneak range damage. A temporary frontline Mycelic Morphoid to deal a amplified thorn followed up by the main tank Giant Hill.

On the other hand, Death element consist of a healing tank the Xenith Monk, Shadow Snitch a secondary tank that has a reach, Life Sapper and Soul Strangler which is the attacking force. A Weirding Warrior that acts as a support to break the opponent's armor and a decoy against sneak attack.

The Battle has begun!

In the first round, Iza will target Riftwing and the amplified thorn damage from Mycelic Morphoid will be felt by the Xenith Monk. Life Sapper quickly will quickly eliminate Mycelic Morphoid so it won't cause severe thorn damage towards Xenith Monk and Shadown Snitch.

Round 2


The Xenith Monk has been defeated by the Hill Giant in the earlier round. The Hill Giant is also heavily wounded because of the combined attack from the range unit.

Iza couldn't not be able to defeat Riftwing due to its scavenger ability. This is truly a great decoy.

In the second round, Iza will continue to attack Riftwing and Hill Giant will be defeated from the attack of Life Sapper and Weirding Warrior. Venari Spellsmith is on the verge of defeat as well after Hill Giant.

Round 3


Iza will continue to pursue Riftwing in this round while both frontline will be defeated. Because of the speed difference, Life Sapper will defeat Venari Spellsmith followed by a combination attack from Weirding Warrior and Soul Strangler to defeat Spirit Hoarder. On the other hand, Queen Mycelia will defeat Shadow Snitch.

Round 4


Life Sapper tookover guarding the frontline. Iza is still pursuing Riftwing and Queen Mycelia's damage is not enough to defeat Life Sapper due to its leech ability. It will be soon be over that once Queen Mycelia is defeated, Iza could not be able to attack leading to the victory in the battle.

Battle Link

The Outcome

The Outcome.png


👻 Final Thoughts

Life Sapper is also a good card but this card is good in a low mana matchup or with the little league ruleset.

It may have similar ability with the Venari Bonesmith but it is not an upgraded one but rather a variation. Bonesmith can inflict a poison but only can damage 1 in a low level at a cost of 4 mana while Life Sapper can damage 2 starting at ★4.

There are times that the Life Sapper is the greatest factor to win the match.
What are your thoughts of this monster?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.


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!1UP Nice post! I really liked that you mentioned the cards that counters Life Sapper. Thanks for sharing!