The Touch of an Angelic Mandarinfish


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Blessed by the magic of the sea. They swim in the most gorgeous of tropical waters, and live peaceful lives in harmony with all around them.

Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Share your Battle Weekly Challenge featuring the beautiful Mandarinfish from the water Splinter the Angelic Mandarin which provides a healing effect to the backrow.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.

A variety of the already beautiful mandarinfish, the Angelic Mandarinfish is said to be blessed by the magic of the sea. They swim in the most gorgeous of tropical waters, and live peaceful lives in harmony with all around them. It is said that the touch of an Angelic Mandarinfish has healing properties. And that if one sees an injured person in need, they will swim up and stare into your eyes. As if looking into your soul. If they deem you to be kind, they will heal your wounds.


🐟 The Stats

The Stats.png

  • Angelic Mandarin is a rare water element which focus mainly in supporting its allies. It's main task is to provide healing in the backline and doing a little damage in the frontline.

  • Angelic Mandarin in the bronze league only provides a small amount of damage and a tank in the rear.

  • Starting at a ★4 Angelic Mandarin unlocks the Triage which is a great help to the backline especially against snipe and sneak attack.

  • A ★8 Angelic Mandarin, provides additional support which decrease magic attacks that could be great. It can be use against magic users for the Diamond and Champion league.

Combo Cards

Angelic Mandarin is a great support in the water splinter.

In terms of Summoners, any of the current Water summoner does not directly affect Angelic Mandarin but Bortus and an Angelic Mandarin could decrease a -2 magic damage in the higher league while Kelya Frendul and Lir Deepswimmer could provide additional protection.

Will the new summoner Possibilitus, will now boost range monsters in the water splinter?

In terms of monsters, there might be quite a few monsters that can provide great synergy to the water unit.

Wave Brood
Wave Brood is probably the most compatible with Angelic Mandarin because of the reason that Wave Brood is a range unit that taunts enemies to attacking him. Angelic Mandarin provides a great healing to Wave Brood.

Other monsters with a great health especially position in the rear position for the super sneak could also benefit from the Angelic Mandarin healing.

Favorable Ruleset

In general, Angelic Mandarin provides a great support that can be use in different ruleset especially if you are expecting a damage from the backline.
Favorable ruleset to pair with this Soul Strangler:

Combat-rule_little-league Small.pngLittle League
In the little league, A healing from the backline is a good one which could be use to prolong the backline defense
Combat-rule_noxious-fumes Small.pngNoxious Fumes
A healing against poison could change the outcome of the battle in which a Angelic Mandarin could provide this. I remember watching a match in which the water splinter survive the poison by a lot of healing and triage monsters.


🐟 The Battle

Rules of Combat

Modifications: Holy Protection, Close Range
Mana Cap: 38
Playable Splinters: Water and Death

This is a Silvershield Academy Beginner Training Tournament

Line Up

Strategic Planning
Kelya Frendul gives a great speed boost and an armor protection to all allies.
Front Row
Diemonshark is probably one of the best frontline in water splinter due to the fact that it does have a high armor and health as well as high speed and damage. Once the enraged is activated there will be an increase of damage and speed.
Back Row 1
Tide Biter
Tide Biter is a great substitute to Flying Squid because it can deals a pretty nice damage from the second position at a cost of only 3 mana. A blast damage as well is neglected as well because of the reflection shield.
Back Row 2
Deeplurker is the best in terms of dealing an opportunity attack targeting low health enemies.
Back Row 3
Angelic Mandarin
Angelic Mandarin generally supports Wave Brood for absorbing attacks from magic and range attack as well as opportunity and sneak attacks from melee monsters. Angelic Mandarin main task is to heal the backline allies.
Back Row 4
Supply Runner
Supply Runner gives additional speed and provides additional attack towards the frontline.
Back Row 5
Wave Brood
Wave Brood taunt ability and a high health made it acts as a decoy while the team is destroying the enemies.

Round 1


Looking at the lineup of both team, this is a pretty good match.

The opponent's lineup consist of a 2 magic monsters that bypasses the armor plus Venari Wavesmith further adds armor protection while from my team are all physical damage and focus on the speed.

The Battle has begun!

In the first round, All incoming attacks from Oshannus, Deeplurker, Wavesmith, Seaweed and Pelacor is focus on Wave Brood due to the taunt ability. Will Wavebrood survive this?

On the other hand, Diemonshark is the main target except for the Deeplurker which targets Seaweed.

The First round mostly just remove the holy protection buffs and some armors.

Round 2


Wave Brood has been heavily wounded on the attack in the first round while the opponent is standing still with only a damaged armor of Diemonshark.

In Round 2, the attack continuous but Wave Brood may not survive even with the healing of Angelic Mandarin and once defeated, the attack may be towards Diemonshark and Tide Biter.

Round 3


Wave Brood does not able to sustain the damage and has been defeated. Opponent's Diemonshark enrage has been activated which is very dangerous. Tide Biter and Diemonshark might be in danger in the next round.

The battle continues...

Round 4


An attack from Oshannus activated the enrage of Diemonshark which deals a great damage against the opponent's diemonshark. Supply Runner launches the last blow to defeat opponent's diemonshark and Deeplurker successfully defeated Seaweed.

The defeat of Diemonshark in the next round is inevitable because of the magic damage from Oshannus and Wavesmith while it will take a few rounds to finally defeat Oshannus.

Round 5


Diemonshark has been defeated while Oshannus is heavily wounded.

Tide Biter in the next round is gonna be defeated and Oshannus can be defeated. An attack from Pelacor Bandit is neglected because of the healing ability that Angelic Mandarin can provide.

Round 6


It is now a 3 vs 3 but my lineup got the advantage as all of the remaining unit focus on attacking the frontline while Pelacor Bandit attack is being neglected because of triage.

Round 7


A headon between two deeplurkers but the speed difference will definitely decide the outcome.

The battle will soon be over.

Round 8


The three remaining units defeated the Deeplurker. Wavesmith and Pelacor Bandit is on the next list. After Round 10, the remaining enemies have been defeated.

Victory! Thanks to the triage.

Battle Link

The Outcome

The Outcome.png


🐟 Final Thoughts

Angelic Mandarin is a great support in the water splinter that could be the replacement of the Promo Card Mermaid Healer.

The triage ability is very useful in most of the cases to negate or reduce some sneak attack damage or even a reflected magic damage. Angelic Mandarin though is not very common to use in line-up but one thing is that this monster have a good utility.

Even at the diamond or champion league, the reduction to magic armor and the triage I think is very helpful.

What are your thoughts of this monster?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.


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