The Way of the Tenyii Striker

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Forged between the hammer of the Khans' cruelty and and the anvil of the icy foothills of Kurguzd. Brought to the training creche from birth, taught to steal for food, beaten when caught and trained daily with the sword and spear. This is the way of the Tenyii Striker.

Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Share your Battle Weekly Challenge featuring the tough and agile Tenyii Striker from the Fire Element. The Tenyii Striker is one of the powerful rare cards in the chaos legion edition.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.

A dozen generations sandwiched between the hammer of the Khans' cruelty and the anvil of the icy foothills of Kurguzd forged the Tenyii into reclusive deadly foes. Brought to the training creche from birth, taught to steal for food, beaten when caught and trained daily with the sword and spear as soon as they were strong enough for their hands to lift steel, the Tenyii clan were hard as iron and as fierce and silent as midnight on the mountain glacier.

When the Legion's heralds demanded a sacrifice of flesh and gold to open the rifts to the ways beyond, the Khan sent five hundred waadin berserkers to bring the tribe to heel. When a single horse returned bearing a sack of fifty skulls, the Khan threatened to burn the entire mountain to the ground. A dozen Tenyii Strikers were sent as tribute to spare the tribes and to satisfy the herald's call.


🗡 The Stats

The Stats.png

  • Tenyii Striker is a rare fire element which deals a great melee damage. This card is often use for the Fire splinter especially those gameplay is sneak due to its stats.

  • Looking at the stats, Tenyii Striker does have a high health, a high melee damage and a good speed. This is an above average card.

  • A ★1 Tenyii Striker can attack enemies from behind dealing a 2 base melee damage.

  • At ★4 will unlock the dodge ability which is very useful against sneak attack. It is very compatible with the sneak ability and Tenyii Striker high damage.

  • In the Diamond and Champion league, At ★8 will unlock the backfire ability which is very compatible with the dodge and high speed of Tenyii Striker.

  • A Tenyii Striker can protect the rear from sneak attack and can deal sneak damage. With this 2 abilities Tenyii Striker performs well in both attacking and defending.

Combo Cards

I usually consider this card in my lineup everytime I am using Fire Splinter.

In terms of Summoners, the following summoners greatly benefit with Tenyii Striker.

Tarsa providing a bonus in the melee damage and health further strengthen Tenyii Striker in both attack and defense section.
Conqueror Jacek
When the stats of Conqueror Jacek has been revealed, my first impression is that Tenyii Striker will benefit as well on this. A +2 boost in speed will greatly affect the dodge ability of Tenyii Striker as well as the piercing ability that can penetrate through the armored opponent.
Byzantine Kitty
Bizantine Kitty is pretty nice as well with Tenyii Striker for the additional speed and the true strike could help Tenyii Striker to avoid missing a target especially if against a high speed monster as well.

Qid Yuff maybe considered as well but it only offer piercing ability which Conqueror Jacek also have. I still prefer Tarsa over Qid Yuff.

In terms of monsters, there might be quite a few monsters that can provide boost to Tenyii Striker.

Countess Sinash
A ★2 Countess Sinash grant +1 speed to all allies which Tenyii Striker would enjoy an additional speed. The buffs will last until the end of the match as Countess Sinash will be the last one to be killed if position at the rear and no blast that will kill Countess Sinash.
Tusk the Wide
Though it is applicable only gold league, Tusk the Wide could boost Tenyii Striker damage with the Inspire ability.
Ferexia General
The same benefit with Tusk the Wide which provide a boost to melee damage.
I usually use Uraeus together with Tenyii Striker to provide a follow up damage in the rear position.

Favorable Ruleset

In general, Tenyii Striker is great in different ruleset except for some that it won't be available such as Even Stevens and Keep Your Distance. But there are quite a few ruleset that I would love to use Tenyii Striker which are as follows:

Favorable ruleset to pair with this Soul Strangler:

Combat-rule_odd-ones-out Small.pngOdds One Out
There are quite a selection in Fire element regarding the Odd mana cost. Tenyii Striker is one example of this toegether with Radiated Brute, Uraeus, Living Lava and etc. Which is why for this ruleset I consider Tenyii Striker as my lineup.
Combat-rule_rise-of-the-commons Small.pngRise of the Commons
Another ruleset in which only common and rare are allowed. Since Tenyii Striker as one of the powerful rare card. Tenyii is also consider in this ruleset.
Combat-rule_Spreading-Fury Small.pngSpreading Fury
An enraged Tenyii Striker is an awesome monster that can deal a great damage and can even dodge a lot of physical attack due to the increase of speed and damage when enrage.
Combat-rule_unprotected Small.pngUnprotected
As I mentioned on my previous post, one of the main concern of Fire Splinter is the armored monsters which can address by Conqueror Jacek. Currently, if there are unprotected ruleset, Tenyii Striker can easily kill a foe from the rear as there is no any armor that can temporarily block Tenyii Striker attack.


🗡 The Battle

Rules of Combat

Modifications: Heavy Hitters, Healed Out
Mana Cap: 20
Playable Splinters: Fire, Life and Dragon

This is a Ranked Battle in Modern Format Silver League

Line Up

Mana Cost
Strategic Planning
4Tarsa provides a great boost in terms of melee damage and health to all Fire units. This includes Antoid Platoon, Scorch Fiend, Uraeus and Tenyii Striker.
Front Row
Antoid Platoon
4For me, Antoid Platoon is a great tank at a low mana cost. It could also deal a good damage in the frontline and can sustain in the battle.
Back Row 1
Regal Peryton
0Scorch Fiend as usual role is a cannon fodder or a temporary meat shield.
Back Row 2
3Uraeus is the partner of Tenyii Striker in dealing damage in the backrow.
Back Row 3
Scavo Firebolt
4Scavo Firebolt assist Antoid Platoon in dealing damage against the frontline. The 3 range damage is a great assist in dealing frontline enemies.
Back Row 4
Tenyi Striker
5Tenyii Striker is the rear guard that deals against can dodge sneak attack. He is the main damager in the team as well. Together with Uraues, they will penetrate enemies from the rear.

Round 1


Looking at the line-up of the team, it is pretty obvious that the Life Splinter is at a advantage on this considering the Holy Protection that Lorna Shine provides, a magic attack from Time Mage that penetrate through Antoid Platoon's armor, an opportunity attack from Celestial Harpy and a double attack from Pelacor Arbalest.

However the Fire Splinter main tactics is to protect the frontline while Uraeus and Tenyii Striker strikes in the rear.

The Battle has begun!

In the first round, it is obvious that the attack of Antoid Platoon and Scavo Firebolt deals with the armor and holy protection of Blinding Reflector while Tenyii Striker and Uraues will deal with the flying Celestial Harpy

Round 2


At the start of Round 2, Antoid Platoon's armor were destroyed.

In Round 2, Time Mage and Arbalest main goal is to defeat Antoid Platoon while Uraeus and Tenyii Striker will attack Harpy again and Pelacor Arbalest.

Round 3


Antoid Platoon barely survive Round 2. In Round 3,for sure it will be defeated. While Uraues and Tenyii Striker succeeded in defeating Harpy and lowering down Arbalest Holy Protection, they will continue to deal with Time Mage and Arbalest.

However if Antoid is defeated, Uraues will take over the frontline leaving Tenyii Striker to deal with the rear.

Round 4


It was expected that Antoid Platoon will be killed first by Time Mage thus replaced by Uraeus. Tenyii Striker managed to defeat Arbalest right after it landed an attack to Uraues.

The battle turn upside down as the Life Splinter attack unit were defeated, the result of the battle isnow in the hands of Tenyii Striker.

Round 5


Uraeus and Agent of Chaos has been defeated and the remaining holy protection has been disabled. Scavo Firebolt sacrifice itself in the frontline to deal the damage of Gargoya Scrapper and Time Mage, leaving the attack to Tenyii Striker.

With the might of Tenyii Striker, it successfully defeated the remaining enemies.

A Victory to the Fire Splinter.

Battle Link

The Outcome

The Outcome.png

A higher level Summoner and a higher level Celestial Harpy could make a difference in the outcome.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 3.31.10 PM.png


🗡 Final Thoughts

Tenyii Striker is a very flexible monster card that can be use in different situation. The overall stats it offers really defined that this card have a great value.

The ability that it have from Sneak, Dodge and Return Fire are all very useful given that this card is usually position in the rear.

I've even use this card in the reverse speed in some case just for the additional damage in the rear.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 3.39.17 PM.png

Battle Link

What are your thoughts of this monster?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.

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