Gold III Experiment 7 DEC ranked battle payout


Bump leagues?

Yesterday I was sitting decently in the rank of Gold III(1946) with the CP of Silver II(53000). I was in the middle of my sneak daily quest and was thinking about would it be worth it to bump up my league level to get another chest.


Silver II ranked battles were paying ~4 DEC per win. I was expecting the payouts to double for Silver I(8 DEC) and to double again for Gold III(16 DEC). Add in the extra chest for SilverI(4 total) or Gold III(6 total).

Splintercards Loot chest Value of 37 DEC per chest.

Chest value: 0.131 USD
37.1 DEC
Realistically I believe the chest value to run around 10 DEC based on my previous experience. Reward cards are now trading around 10 DEC each for commons.

Silver I

1 Chest 10 DEC
12 Ranked battles * 4 DEC = 48 DEC
( Your ECR can be maintained with 25 battles per day at 50% win rate)
Total = 58 DEC

Gold III

3 chest 10 DEC * 3 = 30 DEC
12 Ranked battles * 12 = 144 DEC
Total = 174 DEC

CP needed

Silver I needs 70000 CP -53765 = 16235 Short
Gold III needs 100000 CP - 53765 = 46235 Short

Looking in peakmonsters at the rental rates. They run around 329 -350 CP/DEC.


16235/350 = 46 DEC
46235/350 = 132 DEC

Numbers show a profit possible.

I looked out at what was available and saw a Ancient Lich(50000 CP) at 625 CP/DEC.

So I rented the card and jumped to Gold III instantly. I promoted myself to the gold league and was looking forward to finishing my daily quest.

What Ranked battles in Gold III really pay.

I was surprised to see that I was only getting paid around 7 DEC per ranked battle.


This was significantly less than I had planned for.

Conclusion How did it work out.

I ran 22 battles with 11 wins(yes my normal 50% win rate).
11 battles paid 82.27 DEC
I completed 2 daily quest before the rental ran out.
My poor luck yielded only 2 cards when expecting 6.
12 Chest yielded 2 common cards(20 DEC), 3 potions(38 DEC) and 56 DEC.
Value 114 DEC
Total new = 196 DEC

Normal cost 30 DEC Rentals
Normal income
44 DEC = 11 * 4 DEC per battle
57 DEC = 1/2 of Chest value
Total Normal = 101 DEC

Additional income = 95 DEC
Cost 80 DEC extra

Made 15 DEC additional income



Even with poor luck on the chests I was able to increase my daily income by a little.


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That was great that you were able to bump up in leagues. I hope you are able to finish the season in Gold. If not there then at least in Silver I. are you counting the number of wins you get or is there a website that you use to get your daily stats? Take care.



I currently write each battle and its winnings down in a notebook. Thus it is easy to count the rows and the ones with payouts on them.