Silver II to Gold III 420 DEC rental cost for 7 chest. Was it worth it?


I ended the season with 1902 ranking which qualifies for Gold 3 but I only had collection power(CP) of 44,000. Decisions to make.

Options Silver 2, Silver 1, or Gold 3

Is it worth renting the additional 56,000 CP to reach the 100,000 CP needed to reach league Gold 3? How about an additional 26,000 to reach Silver 1?

At my current ranking and CP I am qualified for Silver 2 which grants 15 chest for season reward.

For an additional 3 chest I can rent enough CP to be promoted to Silver I.
For an additional 4 chest I can rent enough CP to be promoted to Gold III.

Chest Value

Splintercards has a chest value estimator. Loot Chest Value estimator
Information from the Loot chest estimator.
Chest value: 45 DEC
0.676 USD
1k DEC @ 15.01$

Silver II676 DEC10.143 $
Silver I811 DEC12.172 $
Gold III991 DEC14.877 $

According to this chart the additional chest should be worth. 135 DEC for Silver I or 315 DEC for Gold III.

Using that value I will lose 105 DEC renting into Gold III.

Other Considerations

At the beginning of this season it took me two days to move from Bronze II to Silver III. I felt that moving up into Silver from Bronze would be worth it due to the changes in payouts from DEC to credits that occured last season.

@powermeat wrote an article showing the relative payouts at 100% ECR per league.
Payout DEC per league

Bronze I - 3-8 DEC per win
Silver I - 20-25 DEC per win
Using this info and my ~average 10 wins per day equates to 130 DEC per day playing in the Silver II league vs staying in Bronze league. Make that 110 DEC when I take into account my ECR generally stays in the mid 80's.

Decisions Summary

7 chest @45 DEC = 315 DEC
1 day in Bronze League @110 DEC = 110
Total value 425 DEC
Rentals spent 420 DEC for 56,000 CP.
Justified... LOL
Technically I should break even on my rental decision.

Season Rewards

The first 15 chest I would receive anyway so we will start with those.


I am satisfied with these results 8 cards of 15 hit the 50% card rewards on the nose.
I got 2 rare cards and 4 others which allows me upgrade at least one to level 2. 36 DEC and 2 potions top off my original Silver II reward.

Gold III additional 7 chests


1 card and 1 potion and 183 DEC.


My 420 Rental cost is offset with

  • 1 common card valued at .17$ or 11 DEC
  • 1 potion valued at 3 DEC
  • 183 DEC
    Sub Total : 197 DEC
  • Battle Payout 1 day : 110 DEC
    Total Value 307 DEC

The decision to rent at end of season to reach Gold III has cost me approximately
a loss of 103 DEC.

I gambled I lost but I am still happy:)


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It is probably worth it even with that loss because of the higher starting point for the new season. My matches yesterday for the start of this new season had very low DEC for each win and I am basically still with the same ranking. I have not moved up yet. So keeping from being in the lower leagues to start the season is probably very much worth it.


Yes I agree with you that being in the silver league to start was well worth it. I am being beaten a lot so losing some progress. However my average payout today was mid 20 dec per win. With one at 35.486 which stacked some Alphas and gold cards and was just as the server came back up from maintenance.