[Splinterlands] Reviewing my assets


Good day!

Today I decided to review my assets and check again how many SPS airdrop I can get. There are just a couple of months left when we can get a daily SPS drop. And I want to do my best to get the maximum drop!

I found the airdrop points table, where we can learn how many points we get per asset.


People who have ALPHA packs are rich lucky. I joined the game during the beta packs. And when I joined almost all beta packs were already sold out. And if be honest, I wasn't so into that game at that time.


I paid attention to Dec tokens and DEC in liquidity pools. It seems that it is twice more profitable to keep DECs in the pools. But, at the same time, you need another token to keep that pool (if you know how those pools work).

By the way, Chaos Legion packs give only 300 points.

I don't open all Chaos Legion packs at once. I keep them for a couple of days. If I am lucky then I can get cards with the power of more than 300 points, so I will get more SPS airdrops. But if I am not lucky then....you know what happens.

I decided to focus on Collection power. So, I am trying to buy more good cards. There is another reason why I am buying cards. And it is really simple. I want to have a stronger team to go to the higher leagues. Also, it means that I will have fewer losses than wins!

Okay, it was just a short note. Probably, just for myself... :)

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