RE: Who? Me? (The First Step)


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I hope that one day you'll find those fragments of yourself.

I would have said, 'keep being you", but, you've already stated you don't even know who you really are.

You are still searching, and I'll leave you with, " good luck finding yourself in the midst of all the turmoil"

Welcome to Hive. Ha, I just had an idea, maybe, Hive will help you find yourself. It could. All you have to do is get soaked in the dynamics around here and soon, you'll know who you truly are.

Once again, welcome. ❤️

Edit: I just went to your bio, and found a similarity between you and I. No, I won't tell you. Go find out for yourselves. This explains why I wanted to reach out and see if I can help.... Hehehehe.