Am I running a child Splinterlands workshop?

Am I running a child Splinterlands workshop?


I was struggling to get into Bronze III.

I'd go up, and then, back down to Novice.

Didn't bother me none... yeah right!...


You try to out think your opponent. Yet, they out think your strategy.
Reminds me the old Norton routine...

images (1).jpeg

As much as my son cries, "It's RIGGED!", when he loses, he still persists.

Last night, we got to Bronze I and then back to Bronze III. Now, I've whittled us down to Bronze III again.

The fun is ongoing. We talk about strategies. We collaborate. We watch our match win or loss and laugh at many moments of how bad a strategy was.

We buy packs and enjoy seeing what treasures may lie beneath.

He's a gamer. He's competitive. I'm just exploiting a skillset.

It creates a bond of experience too.
That means alot more than winning.


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