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You're welcome always master. I don't know if they level up just like Splinterlands. It's just all the cards stats will be added together. And every mission have stats requirement particularly account level and Fans. There is also an EGO soon I haven't gone through that yet still at level 12 at the moment. Ego comes at level 15 or when the total Fans you have reach 1k I think. Ego is a negative buff that makes your starbits earning loss a centain amount of percentage. To cancel ego you have to balance your Fans and Skill stats or to have more skills over fans. To earn skill stats your have to do music lessons. Equipments like mic, guitar and other instrument can add up to your skill stats earned. I'm still learning the game too and your two Juan Up cards will just add the stats making it 200 fans 10 luck 400 skill and 2 IM.