really tough secondary tank, but might be also your damage dealer - my reason to use Flying Squid in Splinterlands



The Flying Squid: We do not share an everlasting love, but I find it is an interesting card, leaving room for a lot of different strategies.

Actually with this easy accessible card I first implemented a strategy that I will be sharing with you here in an example. I still implement that strategy on a regular basis.
As it had been in the past my focus is on Silver league in particular. Here you encounter unleveled bcx1 monsters, for the most part.



Costing you 7 mana it is rather pricey! So where is the magic?
-having a health of 8 it can serve you as main tank
-2 damage is not much, but enough to be noticed in low mana battles
-the reach ability, paired with a damage of 2 opens chances for combinations with other cards

Let us have a look at a low(/mid) mana where the card is combined with other cards:

The setup: 17 mana which I would call rather "low mana" restriction in the new Wild format:


Both sides chose water splinter. While the opponent counts more on a offensive setup, I play a rather defensive one, having basically only one damage dealer. (You see the Squid, eh?) ;)


Although my opponent is dealing 5 damage per round (of which 2 is magic damage), I can only deal 2 damage, but regenerate a lot trough heal and repair...


In consequence the opponent never really managed to break through my lines, not even my first line "shield unit".
The thought was further: Even if my opponent managed to break trough my first line, the squid had 1 shield as well as a lot of health to take some hits and be healed later on.

Give this thought a try yourself!

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