First time on the top of the brawl pile! ⚔️ +Battle analysis


Our last guild brawl was an exciting one! Not only did we place first, but look who led us there!


As you can see in the lower righthand corner, @captiandingus joyfully requested a public notice. 😆

So to celebrate (and on captain's orders!) I'll run through my favourite battle of this 6-1 fray. Interestingly enough, my opponent @ladyyunjay was first in their guild, also with a 6-1 record. And their guild came in second in the brawl!

So this was the fight that ruined their sweep... sorry about that. 😬

⚔️ Watch the Battle on Splinterlands ⚔️

Battle rules, Fray 3

  • Mana cap: 15
  • Stampede: Trample can fire multiple times
  • Splinters: 🐲🔥💀🔆

Card lineup (all level 1)

Position@jfuji • Ranged Gladius 🏹@ladyyunajay • Magic Gladius 🔮
SKretch TallevorTyrus Palladium
1Gargoya ScrapperFurious Chicken
2Void DragonCrystal Jaguar
3Celestial HarpyCaptain Katie
4Ajax LightfootCreeping Ooze


Low mana, but we both have access to the crazy overpowered Gladius cards.

I went with a low mana, no perks 🐲 Dragon Summoner to get access to the Void Dragon—a powerful card that only costs 5 mana. I put a fast, 2 range damage Gladius card (Ajax) in the back and filled the gaps with some favourites from the Light Splinter.

My opponent went pure 🔆 Light, grabbing +1 shields from their Summoner and relying mostly on the huge firepower from their 3 magic damage Gladius (Katie). It's also a Sniper! In most cases I think I would've lost, and I almost did, but the Void Dragon was perhaps a perfect pairing.

⚔️ Watch the Battle on Splinterlands ⚔️

Battle Summary

Early Game


Here are the opening positions.

Above: I've not much in the way of tanks. Just the Gargoyle and Dragon. I'm mainly hoping my Ajax in the back will pick off enough enemies to bloodlust a few times! The Void Dragon is the main tank here, and it was a critical choice vs the insane Captain Katie.

Below: Chicken with shield is actually a nice damage sponge up front. There's a decent tank right behind it, followed by the heavy hitter. If she bloodlusts just once, magic damage goes up to 4! So dangerous. There's also some ooze sitting there to be rude and drain my speed 🙁

Mid Game


Cannon fodder is toast, but no Gladius' are bloodlusted yet!

The key matchup here was the Void Dragon vs Captain Katie.

Katie needs a kill (pretty easy with 3 magic damage) to bloodlust and snowball into a killing machine. But the Void Dragon did a few things:

  • 🔫 Drew Katie's Sniper fire. She preferentially attacks non-first position non-melee cards.
  • 🛡️ Tanked her magic damage with the Void ability (-1 magic damage)

My ranged card's huge Speed (usually 6) made sure it wasn't fazed by the Ooze and landed its hits. The Harpy has Opportunity, so all my attack cards were firing well, chipping away at the Jaguar and eventually...

End Game


It's just Katie (Ooze was Opportunity'd by the Harpy).

But I still almost lost! 😅

Katie eventually killed the Void Dragon and bloodlusted to gain +1 in all stats, including a shield.

All Katie has to do is take out the Harpy, rendering the range card useless. But sequence of events is everything in this crazy game. The Harpy knocked the +1 shield off, and the 6 Speed Ajax landed his 2 damage to square Katie away perfectly.

One miss or a slight tweak in the order, and I lose this battle. I think my opponent's setup would've crushed many of my other setup options (especially if I'd gone with Light vs Dragon)—trusting in that Void Dragon was what won the day, by a small margin.

Very good game, @ladyyunajay!

The Other Battles

Two opponents fled, one fight was swung by an OP Gladius, another was a really interesting inverse speed with thorns. One was a pretty straightforward Earth Magic + Obsidian.

The battle I lost? Thumped by the Llama! It was pretty brutal with this staring at me across the line:


Good times overall though. I usually peak at something like 3-5 in these brawls so ya know,


Thanks for reading and/or watching! Shoutout to the Bitcoins & Brews Guild. 🍻 You can get in on the Splinterland actions here :)


I love it!!

Great post and great job in the brawl!!

I look forward to the next one... of each!

  • CaptainDingus

Nice analysis and review. I enjoy these recaps where I can learn something new. Sharing this on Splinterlands Digest Twitter.


Thanks for the kind words! !PIZZA