Are we headed for an 'All Time Hive' ? #leofinance #oneup #splintertalk #THGaming #alltimehive

$hive heading for another ALL TIME HIGH? ⬇️ 10:14am (CAT)


This screenshot was taken 40minutes before the above one ⬇️

While I definitely do not claim to be an expert on the $Hive charts, I have been watching them and attempted a 'proper analysis' a week ago. Unfortunately I did not post my findings because they were bullish. I don't expect people to trade based on my chart predictions anyway. But education is key and next time I see a buying opportunity I will be more inclined to share it. Together, in time, we will begin to learn how the #Hivechain operates: And how the $Hive value ebbs and flows based on the crypto charts, seasonal fluctuations and World events.

Lots of people made money (or amazing crypto trades) during the last Hive spike a few weeks ago, when Hive hit $1.57 per $hive. I am sure many people are already taking advantage of this spike.

Hive vs Bitcoin Dominance chart ⬇️


The Hivechain is a use case dream for crypto investors

Games are being played & new ones developed all the time on the #hivechain. The #hiveblogchain (as I call it) consists of platforms that are established, as well as upcoming ones, with thousands if not millions of users worldwide: @peakd @splintertalk @leofinance @oneup @cubdefi @ecency @psyberx etc.

The fact that the Hivechain is one of the few Blockchains actually being used for dapp and platform development, is why I am bullish on $Hive long terms and think we will be pushing $2 very soon. Its now time for use case Blockchains to mark their stake on the metaverse... Cardano here we come!

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Trade wisely, Game hard & good luck on the #Blockchain, see you in the #Metaverse


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