Xenith Monk's Vengeance on Grum Flmaeblade

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I just can't stop using summoner CAMILA SUNGAZER lately, the -1 Melee on opponents gives me the advantage to capitalize on. It was Equal Opportunity in this battle but AGOR LONGTAIL gave the opponent something to think about while GRUM and MONK has a score to settle.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
TARSAFire+1 Melee, +1 Health
My SummonerElementAbility

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Battle Ruleset
Equal Opportunity

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I think the real strength of XENITH MONK is up there at level 6 and level 8, Void and Magic Reflect are abilities very useful on the battlefield and the extra Melee damage from level 5 would make it deadlier as well.

I have never taken a look at the Lore, but from what I see now it does have an interesting Lore to read.

Xenith Monks created the Xenith Scale, a society devoted to enlightenment, knowledge, and the protection of others. Xenith Monks focus on expanding their minds to become more self aware and strive to achieve pure balance in all things in order to understand and comprehend Mana and its impact on the Splinterlands.
The code of the Xenith Scale focuses on the art of healing, shielding, and directing the flow of Mana.
Be a shield to those in need.
Be a guiding light in the darkness.
Be a helping hand to the weary.
Be an unmoving scale, balanced as all things should be

With XENITH MONK's Lore out of the way, it led my frontline.

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VENATOR KINJO takes the second spot in my lineup, it made it for my lineup due to the mana cap and not because I was anticipating a YODIN opponent but with the Equal Opportunity ruleset, it could attack from any position.


DEMENTED SHARK comes in at third spot with Inspire ability, the more melee damage the better.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 11_20_2022 8_53_28 AM.png

The +2 Armor Protect ability of VENARI WAVESMITH makes it a card I rarely leave out of my lineup except I am asking for trouble. WAVESMITH in fourth place is an added protection and strength to the lineup.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 11_20_2022 9_01_17 AM.png

In the fifth spot is RIVER HELLONDALE with Resurrect and Inspire ability, which was useful in resurrecting XENITH MONK, and also providing a double Inspire ability for my lineup.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 11_20_2022 9_06_37 AM.png

AGOR LONGTAIL is a beast worth investing in, it is a beast from the future everyone should own. Get yourself at least a copy and will be a lot easier on the battlefield.
The beast occupies the backline with Magic and Melee attacks.

Round 3 witnessed the elimination of XENITH MONK by GRUM, and a second chance to live on the battlefield saw MONK deliver the knockout punch on GRUM in the fourth round.



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Wow nice fight. That Agor is a tough monster to fight and you had double inspire too on your side.

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