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I was on a mission to strengthening my Death deck but ended up slacking on it, the first card I upgraded was OCTOPIDER I wanted it at level 3 got the Demoralize ability, since the upgrade I have rarely used my Death element unless the ruleset limits me to using Death, in this battle I had to use Death element through Dragon for the -1 Melee from summoner CAMILA SUNGAZER.

So OCTOPIDER is a card whose ability I find to be useful considering the Death element's strength is to weaken the enemy while it attacks. I do miss using Death element often but mine needs a serious upgrade as I can't stand being kicked around on the battlefield.

From level 7 the Blind ability kicks in with a Range attack damage of 5 at max level. I think we are looking at a useful card in the game.

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A Regular Foil copy of OCTOPIDER is selling for $0.58.

The Gold Foil will cost you $25.50 if you are GF card collector.


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Spending the Merits from last Brawl, I pulled off the cards below, nothing spectacular just a bunch of commons for upgrading.

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