Behold the Mighty Scavo Firebolt

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Let's tack about Scavo Firebolt. Scavos are introduced in the Chaos Legions card editions as a mole-like creatures. These Scavos living in the Realm of Silence were exposed to the toxic gas radiated from Mountain of Ash. Continuous exposure to magma environment, they body undergone mutation to adapt to this harsh environment. They were able to gain ability to control and release a ball of fire from their hands. Due to this new ability, they were called Scavo Firebolt.


Stats and Abilities


  • Attack Type: Ranged
  • Damage: 2 to 4
  • Speed: 2 to 4
  • Health: 4 to 6


  • Knock Out - Does double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned.


Monster Compatibility

SPARK PIXIES is the most compatible monster for Scavo Firebolt because of its STUN ability.

Scavo Firebolt's ability only activates if it attacking a stunned monster. On its own, it does not have the ability to stun the enemy. This is the main reason why Scavo Firebolt needs to rely on Spark Pixies's ability to stun enemy monsters.


Summoner Compatibility

YODIN ZAKU is the perfect Summoner for Scavo Firebolt as this summoner increases the damage of all ranged monsters by 1, increase the health by 1 and it also provides the BLAST ability to all your monsters.

Scavo Firebolt is a great addition to Yodin Zaku's pool of ranged monsters it can include in an all-out ranged deck.

SELENIA SKY from Dragon Splinter is also a good Summoner to partnered with Scavo Firebolt. Unlike Yodin Zaku, Selenia Sky only provides an additional +1 ranged damage to all monsters. It does not have the plus heatlh and Blast like what Yodin Zaku can offer but the good thing about Selenia Sky is it only has a 3 mana cap for a Summoner compare with 7 mana to summon Yodin Zaku. Selenia Sky is best for low mana cap battles.


Ruleset Compatibility
Close Range
- Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.
Close Range is the best ruleset for a Scavo Firebolt as it gives the ranged monsters the capability to attack even at the first position
Little League
- Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.
Scavo Firebolt requires only 4 mana to be deployed. Even at level 1, it has a 2 ranged damage, 2 speed and 4 Health. It has one of the best stat for a 4 mana card.


How to Counter Scavo Firebolt

There are multiple ways to counter a ranged monster including Scavo Firebolt.

  1. Scavo Firebolt does not have the Close Range ability. An ability that allows ranged monster to attack even at the first position. The basic strategy is to focus fire on the tank of the enemy line-up making the ranged monsters unable to attack when on the first posistion.

  2. Reduce the damage of Ranged monsters with the combination of Headwind and Shield ability.
    Headwind reduces the damage of ranged attacks by 1. This ability can stack but can only reduce the damage to minimum of 1.
    On the other hand, Shield ability reduces the damage received from melee and ranged by half. With Shield, damage received can further reduced to 0.

  3. Return the damage received from Scavo Firebolt (or any other ranged monster) back to them. This can be done using the ability Return Fire. Return Fire returns a reduced ranged damage back to the ranged monster.
    With Amplify ability, damage from Return Fire, Reflect, and Thorns can be increased. So with Return Fire and Amplify ability, you can even return the attacks with higher damage.

  4. Abilities like Sneak, Snipe or Opportunity can also be used but this will depend on the positioning of your enemy.

These strategy can also be countered by other strategies. But the most effective right now is the Return Fire + Amplify combo. As an example, if Water Splinter is open, then there's a big chance that someone will use a Lir Deepswimmer against a Yodin Zaku ranged line-up.




Battle Condition
Rule #1Noxious Fumes: All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.
Rule #2Lost Magic: Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.
Mana Cap42
Allowed SplinterFire, Death, and Earth

With the Noxious Fumes ruleset, there are certain abilities that are very useful to have. Cleanse ability removes the negative status like Poison so it is a must have for this rule. Another ability that is useful is Immunity since it allow monster to be not affected by any negative status debuffs from enemy or rules.


  • Tarsa : I opted to used Tarsa since Fire Splinter has the monster with Cleanse and monster with Immunity ability


  1. Grum Flameblade - Grum has the highest Health, Attack and Armor of all monster I have in Fire deck. It also has Bloodlust ability which can be a game-changing depending if this can trigger the effect
  2. Disintegrator - Since Magic is not allowed for this round, I used Disintegrator to somehow decrease the melee damage of all opponent monster thru the use of Demoralize.
  3. Forgotten One - This monster has the Immunity ability which allows it to not be affected by Poison.
  4. Xenith Monk - I used this monster because it has a self Heal ability which somehow can regen back the damage from Poison
  5. Scavor Firebolt - This is more of to distribute my attacks to have ranged as well. It also has a 5 HP which can somehow allows it to survive longer from Poison
  6. Scavo Chemist - This monster has the Cleanse ability. It can remove the Poison from our first position monster, which is Grum.


We did win this match because of the Immunity of Forgotten One. Poison rule is one of the trickest rule since you need specific ability to survive the damage from poison or to survive longer that your opponent.


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