Splinterlands Fanart : Black Dragon Human Hybrid Form (Black Dragon King)

What's going on, Splinterlands? Today I'm going to show you my Black Dragon version, which is a human-hybrid form. It is stated that the Black Dragon is the largest of all dragons ever formed in the Splinterlands realm, and that if he had the will, he could conquer or rule all living dragons. With that in mind, I chose to give him a powerful look and a what-if situation in which he truly has ambition. So, now, I'd like to introduce you to Black Dragon King (Humanoid version of Black Dragon).

Kamusta Splinterlands? Ngayong araw ay ipapakita ko sa inyo ang version ko ni Black Dragon, na isang human-hydrid na anyo. Sabi na si Black Dragon ang pinakamalaki sa lahat ng mga nabubuhay na dragon sa Splinterlands realm, at kung meron syang ambisyon ay kayang kaya nyang idominate o pamunuan silang lahat. At dahil dyan napagisipan kong bigyan sya ng powerful look at ng isang what if scenario o sitwasyon na sya talaga ay ambisyoso. Kaya ngayon ipinapakilala ko sa inyo si Black Dragon King ( ang tila anyong tao ni Black Dragon )

In this form, I designed his head with almost or half of the traits based on the original Black Dragon. In this case, I sketched the head of the Black Dragon to a skull-like headpiece with the nose and mouth being human-like. The neck section is what I kept from the reference to give him the same feel as the original, the spiky thorns or horns which are positioned just at the elbow from the reference, but this time around I put each one on both sides of the shoulder, I mean just above the shoulder. My original thoughts and design are for a human-shaped bodily portion.

Sa kanyang anyong ito, nidesign ko ang kanyang ulo na halos naretain padin ang kalahati galing sa reference o orihinal. Sa case na ito, iginuhit ko ang ulo nya na parang bungo na headpiece at yung ilong at bibig nya ay sa tao naman. Yung kanyang leeg ang aking ginaya para manatili ang orihinal o magkaroon sya ng dating na parang si Black Dragon parin, ang mga nakatusok na mga sungay o parang buto na sa original ay nasa siko ngunit dinisenyo ko ito na nakalagay sa kanyang mga balikat. Ang aking design at isip ay para maging human-shaped ang ibang parte nito.

The crown with the splinterlands insignia as its source of power, I believe, is what motivates Black Dragon to transform into the Black Dragon King; basically, when he wears it, he becomes ambitious and thirsty for power.

Without further ado here are the drawing process and reference ; Drawing Reference : Black Dragon
Drawing Reference ; Splinterlands Logo


Drawing Process

Drawing Materials/Applications used:

  • Photoshop cc 2018,
  • XP-Pen Artist 12
















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