Mycelic was the true bastion of Earth Splinter. One notable point is its Taunt Ability; which is a very rare ability. Only 6 card possess this ability, of which 3 of them are Legendary cards. And yet its a big gamble. Card with Taunt cost at lest 8 mana, and yet Taunt make the card to took all the incoming damage; which means you must destroy at least 8 mana monster from your opponent before you loss 8 mana from this card alone.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 174133.png

And so here's the strength and weakness of Mycelic Slipspawn:

1. Earth Splinter has a various selection of magic card, but with low health. Mycelic fill in it role a guardian to protect theses magic card.1. Mycelic has the lowest health to mana ratio (9 mana for 10 health, without any armor) compared to the other 6 cards with Taunt ability. But among them, Mycelic is the only one to have magic attack with 2 damage. This makes Mycelic too precious to be sacrificed.
2. At level 4, Mycelic will have Forcefield, a rare ability which is very useful to deflect powerful attack, especially in high mana battle.2. Mycelic is a magic card which means it can take position in back row, making first row available for high-damage low-health melee card.

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So here's one battle with one of my favorite formation

For my formation, I used:

1st Row : Unicorn Mustang
2nd Row : Mycelic Slipspawn
3rd Row : Centauri Mage
4th Row : Queen Mycelia
5th Row : Goblin Psychic
6th Row : Magi of Chaos

My opponent formation:

1st Row : Venari Knifer
2nd Row : Unicorn Mustang
3rd Row : Mycelic Slipspawn
4th Row : Regal Peryton
5th Row : Goblin Psychic
6th Row : Disintegrator


I had the advantage with the formation, as I deploy more magic card which boosted with Obsidian +1 magic, make my formation able to obliterate opponent's Mycelic in the first round. This is the example of the high gamble of using Mycelic. Meanwhile my Mycelic was left with 3 health.


Round 3 start with a setback, I only managed to destroy just the Venari Knifer. My Mycelic was destroyed, but more is I already lost 5 health on my Unicorn Mustang.


Round moves rather slowly because magic damage was dampen from both Unicorn Mustang Void ability. But the end is still uncertain. The 4 magic card still have to breach Unicorn Musatang and ids Void ability.


Round 6 become a deciding point. It is a battle of speed. If Goblin and Peryton got the initiative then my Mycelia would be destroyed. But I was lucky, as Magi and Goblin make their moves right after Peryton. Once Mycelia got healed, the fate has been sealed. The next move was the finishing moves after Goblin lost destroyed by Mycelia and Magi.



Screenshot 2022-08-27 223456.png

Mycelic Slipspawn could be a great guarding to protect your formation. But it could also turn into liability. As my battle experience, Mycelic could be eliminated right in the 1st Round. This sacrifice will be worthy if the remaining card able to deal massive damage. Considering Mycelic fragile health, it would be more suitable to use it in middle mana battle, between 25 - 35 mana.