Everyone must be agree about Pelacor Arbalest as a powerful ranged card. Thats because its unique ability, Double Strike. Combined with Chaos Legion summoner, General Sloan; Pelacor Arbalest could become ranged card with the highest damage output. But one thing to remember, Pelacor is very fragile with its only 2 health.


1. Extremely powerful damage maker. Compared to other card with Double Strike ability, at level 1, Pelacor has the highest Damage per Mana ratio (2 damage / 6 mana). Pelacor only seconded by Silvershield Archer, which gained the Double Strike at level 6.1. Pelacor has a very low health (2 health), this cause him to need considerate protection. Taunt and Protect ability could help to give additional protection.
2. Combined with ranged damage booster, Pelacor could make 3 damage x 2 in a round. That would usually cost 12 - 14 mana to have that level of damage. Even without damage booster, Pelacor damage still quite massive if compared to other ranged card.2. With its fragile health, it is important for Pelacor to throw damage as early as possible. But 2 speed is not a good one. Pelacor could easily destroyed by faster opponent with their Snipe or Sneak abilities. In addition 2 speed also means lower accuracy, which means Pelacor might missed some attack.
-3. Pelacor might be a damage maker at lower level. But its progression shows that it will get damage upgrade to 3 damage rather late at level 7. Before You got resources to use Pelacor at level 7, Pelacor will already surpassed by other cards.

Watch Battle.png

Here's one of my devastating victory using Pelacor Arbalest. Click Here for the battle link. The battle have 29 mana cap, standard modification, and all splinters are available.

For my formation, I used:

1st Row : Shield Bearer
2nd Row : Venari Crystalsmith
3rd Row : Truthspeaker
4th Row : Herbalist
5th Row : Xenith Archer
6th Row : Pelacor Arbalest

My opponent formation:

1st Row : Djinn Oshannus
2nd Row : Merdali Guardian
3rd Row : Ice Pixie
4th Row : Scavo Hireling
5th Row : Deeplurker
6th Row : Pelacor Bandit

When I saw my opponent have battle history with Djinn Oshannus, I knew this will be a challenging battle. Djinn was a very formidable legendary card. It has 2 magic damage which is a decent damage. But with large 10 health, Djinn can lure you into battle of attrition. What more menacing is how it has 5 speed and Void ability.

To counter this I deploy a Gatling Gun Formation. You can find my discussion of this formation in one of my post here. Shield Bearer will be my sole tank. Then I deploy Truthspeaker with its Protect ability just as a backup if Shield Bearer should fall. The rest I put down my ranged card. Pelacor Arbalest is positioned in the last row.


At the start of Round 1, Shield Bearer looks formidable after the Protect boost, its now stand with 6 armor and 9 health. After few blow, Round 1 runs in favor on my team, Djinn lost 1 amor and 6 health compared to Shield lost only 4 armor.


Venari heal was a true lifesaver, each round it heals 3 health which is the exact damage Shield received from Djinn and Pixie. And Round 2 was a big luck for me, as Deeplurker strike after Pelacor Bandit, so it only cause 1 damage to Shield armor. My team was also gaining quite momentum, 3 out of 5 of my ranged attack managed to hit Djinn. This is good considering Djinn substantial 6 speed.


Round 3 is a deciding round. Since Shield no longer have armor, Pelacor and Deeplurker will slowly scrape out its health. But luckily my ranged cards managed to make the hit and eliminated the Djinn.


From Round 4, the tide start to turning to my side. Without Djinn, the opponent no longer have their tank and lost few damage maker. With only 1 armor and 1 health, Pixie become an easy target; it only need 2 out of 5 ranged attack to destroy Pixie. And there Pixie is destroyed at the end of the round.


At the start of Round 5, Shield Bearer was left with only 3 health. But Venari gain the initiative from Deeplurker. Shield received its 3 health heal, and then managed to withhold Deeplurker 3 damage. And so the battle was ended after Pelacor Arbalest, Herbalist, and Xenith Archer, all make hit with their attack.

Screenshot 2022-08-27 223456.png

Pelacor is a true gatling gun, fight by firing unstoppable rapid attack. This damage output could be a long game changer. And yet a gatling gun will cease fire if the sentry is killed. With only 2 health and its best position in the last row, Pelacor will be an easy target from Snipe or Sneak attack. Keep Pelacor stand still, and the let the gatling gun do the rest!


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