This post will continue from my previous post which explained the initial form for traits mapping system (click here for the previous post). In this post I will list several update which will extend the traits taken into account, and solutions to tackle several constraint from the map interface.

  1. Crowded Abilities Nodes
    Card with max level tend to have a lot of abilities. When mapping Max Level Chart, there's a tendency where nodes are closed to each other, the small circle accompanying each nodes would crowding and overlapping. This could cause confusion of which circle belong to which nodes, and how many of them. The solution to this constraint is to simplify the abilities circle by combining it into one circle, and then partition it according to the number of abilities.
    Crowding Out.png

  2. Overlapping Nodes
    There's also possibility that some card with different mana might have same health-mana ratio and/or damage-mana ratio, which cause overlap when placing those nodes in the same position within the grid. The solution to this problem is to places one nodes and then partition it according to the number of overlapping cards. Each partition will be in color corresponding to the speed of the respective card. Each partition will also be accompanied with abilities circle placed in the outer side of respective partition.
    Overlapping Nodes.png

  3. Armor Traits
    Based on the outlook across several card collections, I have found that there's only few cards possessing armor traits. Armor traits are rarely found in ranged or magic card collection (take for example the Earth Splinter's magic card). While it's mostly found in melee cards, there's less than half cards with that traits. Take for example the Fire Splinter's melee card, between 20 melee cards only 6 of them have armor traits.
    I decided that armor is a minor traits, and therefore distinction will be made on each nodes only based on whether the card has armor or not. The sign will be made in form of armor symbol underlaying the abilities nodes.
    Armor Traits.png

  4. Background
    And last but not the least, I added a Splinterlands background in greyscale. A candy for your eyes!

3 line Black.png

Finally for the bonus parts, as we welcome Kain Hace, the latest Riftwatchers airdrop; I present to you the charts for Death Splinter's magic card collection.




I'm gonna save my analysis and commentary about this chart for further Weekly Battle Challenge. Final words, please enjoy and follow my further post.


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