Battle Weekly Challenge - Feral Spirit



A life monster with a melee attack that can assassinate it’s enemy.


  • High speed
  • Low Mana cost


  • Low HP
  • Low Damage


NOXIOUS FUMES - All monsters start the battle poisoned. Higher HP and cleanse are the best choice. However there may be some cases where you go for a big offensive attack and wipe out your opponent before the poison becomes a factor.
EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY - All monsters have the blast ability. The best strategy is to have fast monsters with snipe, sneak, and opportunity. For defense, shield and void will come in handy.

My Line Up

I picked Lorna Shine because of her ability, Divine Shield. Since most of our monsters have low HP, we need extra survivability for the monsters to be able to cast their abilities/damage.
Shield Bearer for the first position, due to his high armor, HP, and his ability TAUNT. High Health is always a must in a NOXIOUS FUME ruleset and his ability "Taunt", will also help support other monsters to live longer.
I went for Celestial Harpy for the second position, because I need an expendable monster that can tank the blasts damage while bringing damage at the same time.
I chose Stitch Leech for the third position, and together with Feral Spirit they will be a force to be reckon with. The enemy back line will be killed with these two sneak monsters.
I decided to place Feral Spirit in the fourth position because of his low HP. During Explosive Weaponry ruleset, you always need a high speed monster which Feral Spirit can bring.
And for the last position, it will be Herbalist. Her ability CLEANSE is one of the most important ability on this game and ruleset. She will remove all the negative effects on the monsters in the first position, thus making our first position live longer. However she has low HP and low speed, that's why I placed her in the last position to make sure she will be able to cast her ability.


Click here see the full battle


Shield Bearer High HP and Herbalist Cleanse ability won me this game, out living the enemy monsters, while Feral Spirit and Stitch Leech brought damage.

However with Noxious Fume ruleset I should have went for healing/repair monsters to help the tank live longer instead of double sneaks.

I love playing Feral Spirit especially if it's a low mana game or there is a Explosive Weaponry ruleset. Feral Spirit excels on low mana cost game, especially against no armor/low HP monsters, and he is always great to partner with high damage sneak monsters with lower speed. I usually use Feral Spirit to remove the armor of the backline monsters while the higher damage sneak will finish off the enemy.


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