State of Splinterlands 2023 | Week #3

Greetings Splinterfolk!

The purpose of this series of posts is to provide you with up-to-date insights on the state of Splinterlands.

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In my opinion, the most important metric to keep track of is the number of new Summoner's Spellbooks purchased as this reflects the true number of new players entering into the game.

DateSignups (Total)Spellbooks (Total)Signups (Daily Avg.)Spellbooks (Daily Avg.)
02.01 - 08.012,0969729914
09.01 - 15.011,9799928214
16.01 - 22.012,13113430419
  • Out of the 2,131 new accounts created last week, only 134 new accounts (6.29%) actually bought the Summoner's Spellbook.
  • In 2023, there have been 6,437 new accounts created but only 348 Summoner's Spellbooks purchased which is only a 5.41% conversion rate. In my mind, only 348 new players have entered into Splinterlands for the year so far.
  • Read my first post in this series to see my prediction for how many Summoner's Spellbooks will be purchased in 2023.

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Below is the average daily amount of players, battles, and transactions that are taking place within Splinterlands.

DateActive PlayersBattlesTransactions
02.01 - 08.01199,9153,472,0114,134,432
09.01 - 15.01217,3394,353,1593,849,825
16.01 - 22.01226,7784,384,5843,806,349
  • On average, every Splinterlands account that was active last week battled 19 times and made 17 transactions per day.
  • The peak number of active players for last week was 271,118 which was on Monday, 16th of January, and which was the peak for 2023 so far.
  • Read my first post in this series to see my prediction for the peak number of active players in 2023.

Below is the total amount and volume of Splinterlands cards purchased, the high and low for SPS, and the average DEC price.

DateCards Purchased (Amount)Cards Purchased (Volume)SPS (High)SPS (Low)DEC (Avg.)
02.01 - 08.01548,809$294,811$0.044$0.022$0.00068
09.01 - 15.01378,444$287,394$0.040$0.022$0.00066
16.01 - 22.01747,025$374,341$0.039$0.022$0.00066
  • The average price per card that was sold last week was $0.50.
  • Read my first post in this series to see my prediction for the high price of SPS in 2023.

My Referral Program.png

While Splinterlands does have a referral program, it only benefits the referrer and not the referee. Therefore, it is up to us (the existing players) to create our own referral program to help new players enter into the game. I've outlined below how my custom referral program works:

  • Sign up for Splinterlands through my referral link here.
  • Once you buy the Summoner's Spellbook, I will receive 500 credits ($0.50) which I will use to buy DEC, cards, or both to help you start your Splinterlands journey.
  • All you need to do is comment below the IGN you used to sign up with. Once I have verified it, I will reach out to see what you would like to spend your $0.50 on and then send it over.

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