Change of Strategy


Hi All,

Last night I have reached SILVER I league and I eventually maxed it out and I remembered the advise that was mentioned from in my early post - that they were trying to max out the BRONZE league and try to finish in pole position to get the extra DEC after the season ends.

So I will try this method insted of getting the extra 4 chest for reaching GOLD. So far I am ranked 505, I assume the players that in pole position have powerful cards.


I guess if I dont finish in pole position I can simpley press the advance button and jump to the GOLD league and get the extra 4 chest.

To me this strategy is a win win... No brainer!

My daily quest was 'DEATH'. This splinter has grown on me as I found a way to win with it


I was so pleased with the rewards that I recived. As this was my second Axemaster I recived.


What do you guys think of this strategy?

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