Struggle in my 2nd Season


Hi All,

I have been struggling to go from Silver III to Silver II

I am not sure whats going on?

In my first season I was breezing through the leagues, starting from Novice to Silver I with no issues - Lost a few battles but managed to get there again.

In my first season I was renting any card that I thought it was good, but this time around I am trying to strategize the cards I really need, I still have not worked it out.

My daily quest was 'Fire' and all my 'fire' splinters were basic, so I rented a few cards to help me over the line.


I was so pleased with the rewards that I recived.


I need to try to fit in 'Axemaster' and 'Demented Shark' whil I play the 'Water' splinter, I am spoilt with choice now.

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