Share Your Battle: Djinn Chwala the tank dragon


Hello friends, this week's theme is dragons!! 😃

Beings admired by any child in their childhood, strong and majestic beings with diverse stories, good and bad, but never without grandeur.

As a beginner in the game I didn't have a dragon-type card, so I went to the market to look for some interesting card with an affordable value for rent and I had no doubts what it would be...

A card with a very affordable value, 0.76 DEC per day is the cheapest found, accessible even to novice players.

A natural tank. With 5 shield, 9 health, 2 attack and 2 speed, in addition to his Throns ability even at Lv 1 returning all melle attacks to enemies.

I used our strong tank in line with a cunning fire team, aligning its resistance to the attack power of its companions.

Watch the Battle!

I got a quiet victory by aligning the strength of Dragon and Fire! Even against a team of wizards who would be the worst enemies under the circumstances, I got a good combination of cards that resulted in victory!

Djinn 1st as our strong tank, Goblin Shaman 2nd decreasing health, Fire Elemental 3rd most important in this battle alongside the Djinn burning enemy mages, Serpentine Spy 4th always beheading those on the brink of death, Kobold Miner 5th assisting the stickings and Centaur last helping with his Snipe sight.

In summary I loved to battle with the Djinn Chwala, an extremely strong tank mainly for its ability in addition to great resistance, I will do more battles with him up front, a great card even for beginners.


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