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Kulu Swimhunters are members of a race of squid-like creatures that hunt in packs. They use their multiple tentacles to wield all manner of projectiles, to include spears, coral, and even fish. They are very aggressive and are known to traverse oceans, lakes, and rivers, killing for sport and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They do not value gold or glory and will ally themselves with whoever promises the greatest opportunity to hunt and kill.
The young boy leaned on the ship's gunwale, staring dreamily into the deep green of the water. His father was a simple fisherman, but the boy fantasized about one day being a naval officer... or perhaps a pirate. Anything but a simple fisherman.

Movement in the water below caught his eye, and he leaned over the gunwale, squinting into the depths. A dark shape rose toward the surface. It was emerald green, with two shining orbs set into its surface. As it drew closer, he realized the orbs were eyes. Tentacles waved in the water around it. A squid, the boy thought. He smiled and watched the creature's ascent with interest.

Suddenly, a tentacle shot out of water and threw something at the boy. A dead fish struck him hard in the temple. He winced and staggered, but before he could recover, the tentacle wrapped around his neck and yanked him over the side of the boat. The boy landed in the water with a splash and was quickly dragged down into the depths of the ocean.


Common Card, Range, of the Water element belonging to the Chaos Legion pack.
Kulu despite not having any special abilities has good stats initially with 0 shield, 4 health, 2 attack and 2 speed with the low cost of 4 mana, making it a good choice. Reaching an incredible 4 Attack Range, 6 Health and 5 Speed ​​at Max level



Market analysis done on April 7th. Unnecessary rent because it is a card currently available, low sale value, interesting if you want to level up to use in the Water team.





The battle rules were 19 mana, using any element and no gameplay changes, so I opted for a low-cost but efficient team.


KELYA FRENDULThe excellent Water Summoner that provides 1 Speed ​​and 1 Shield
CRUEL SETHROPODA low-cost tank that still provides good Health and Shield
ICE PIXIEThe powerful fairy that even with its 2 cost has good magic power ignoring shields
VENARI WAVESMITHIt needs no introduction, used as a key card in battles, provides 2 more shield combo with Kelya in addition to performing its magic attacks.
KULU SWIMHUNTERThe protagonism of our battle, provides an excellent firepower being able to attack in the back lines undermining the enemy
ALBATROSSHe who goes unnoticed but for the low cost is an excellent choice to withstand attacks in the last position mainly because he also flies



A battle against team Undead Melee, excellent for my team, I'm free of magic attacks to put my shield combo strategy into practice.


As expected the combo of shields stands out, magic and Range attacks do not suffer the return of the tank providing a victory in the battle!

Watch the Battle


Kulu is an excellent choice with low cost teams, it has good attack power and health and can resist in the back lines, I knew little now I can use it in my battles!

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