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Grund has spent his entire life in the lowlands of Praetoria and has grown to love the land and its people. First introduced to the lore of battle as a hatchling, he has studied it ever since with enthusiasm. When he became a juvenile his hands found steel, an old rusting sword abandoned and forgotten in the swamp by some intrepid explorer. Before long it became an extension of himself as he applied all he had learnt, quickly mastering blade work. From then on, he became obsessed with the art of armed combat and he practised with any weapons he could get his hands on.

When he first met Bera Dallin in New Everitt he couldn’t help but marvel at her martial prowess. After having spent some time with her he became proficient in the use of the warhammer. His great strength meant that he could hold one in a single hand and so it wasn’t long before he acquired another and began to dual wield them in combat.

Grund is well loved amongst the people of Praetoria and he is a staunch defender of them, his strong ideals of honour and justice infused within in from a young age. When he heard of the Chaos Legion invasion, Grund took up his hammers in anger and sought them out immediately.

When Nerissa learned of the deeper plot of the Chaos Legion, she vowed to defend Praetoria and its inhabitants with her life.


The Earth Splinter has full of amazing monsters and one of the strongest Summoner in modern format is currently in here as well, which is the Obsidian. Even though Grund is a powerful Melee monster costing exactly 10 mana he fits into any team perfectly if we use some tactics to maximise his ability, which is dealing a lot of damage in short amount time . He belongs to the Earth Splinter and into the Chaos Legion set. 😌


This week's battle challenge features Grund, so let's see his stats and abilities on all levels. 😁


Grund is an EPIC Melee attack monster with a unique Double Strike ability on Level 1. This means that he will attack twice in every round if he is able to. Usually I rent him on Level 4, where he would receive the Trample ability, which means when a monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team.

So if you are lucky and you will kill your opponent with Grund he will attack one more time! 😉 On Level 3 he will increase his attack damage as well by one, so it is possible that he can deal 12 damage in one round.

On his final Level of 6 he will get the Cripple ability, which makes this monster to reduce his target maximum health by one with each succesful hit that he makes. 😁

He has 10 Health, which is quite good, but he lacks of any protective ability, so we need to make sure that he is protected in other ways.



Tis but ScratchesAll Monsters have the Cripple ability.
CounterspellAll Monsters have the Magic Reflect ability.

The 48 Mana cap is quite good to use the best monsters from a Splinter and allow me to use some tactics against my opponent. In this ruleset the Magic Reflect ability will make sure that no one will be using Magic attack creatures or do they? 😁


My lineup and the decision behind it!

Quix The Devious


Quix the Devious is a Dragon Summoner and he is quite good here, because my opponent can't really choose Magic attack monsters in a Magic Reflect ruleset, so the -1 Ranged attack debuff comes very handy against my him. Quix will decrease the Speed and Ranged Attack stats to all of my opponent monsters. 😁


Main Tank


If you give few round to attack to Grund he will decimate my opponent monsters with his huge damage output. It is very difficult to counter his Double Strike ability and the huge Health would ensure that he lives long enough. 😉


Off-Tank and Reacher
Carnage Titan


The Carnage Titan is one of my favorite creature, because he has Reach, which allows him to attack from the second position. The Double Strike letting him to attack twice in every round and from Level 3 he receives Shield, which will reduce the Melee and Ranged attack by half and making him a perfect Off-Tank. In this fight I was playing in Silver at the moment, so I couldn't take advantage of his Shield, but he is still pretty strong as a damage dealer. 😇


Damage Dealer
Mitica Headhunter


Mitica Headhunter has a huge Ranged Damage 🏹 and quite high Speed 👟, so it makes very hard for the enemy creatures to dodge her Spear! Usually it is quite expensive to rent her, but I was lucky this time and I acquired her for this session! 😊


Sneaker Damage Dealer
Dhampir Infiltrator


The Dhampir Infiltrator is a Sneaker creature, which means that she will always attack the last creature of my opponent backline and on top of that she will do that twice in every round thanks to her Double Strike ability. The Cripple ability helps her a lot to remove high Health or Self Heal monsters as well reducing their maximum Health by one on each hit. 😊


Sneaker Damage Dealer
Sand Worm


The Sand Worm is quite expensive with its 9 mana cost, but if you find a good spot for him he will be well worth it. His most important ability is Sneak, which targets the last Monster on the enemy team instead of the first Monster. He has a nice 6 damage, which is more than enough to kill any meatshield from my opponent backline as long as they do not have Forcefield. 😅


Backline Protector
Naga Assassin


The Naga Assassin cost only 2 mana, which is an easy fit into any kind of team, where you ran out of mana in team building or the mana cap is low. In my fight it is the first, because I used a lot of high mana cost creatures, so I needed something cheap and useful in my backline.

She has huge Speed to have some dodge against slow Sneaker monsters and the Backfire ability means taht if an enemy misses the Naga with an attack, the attacker takes 2 damage in return. 😎




Click on the picture for the replay


In this battle my opponent brought a full Gold Foil team, which is quite common recently, but luckily that gives him "only" +10% income from a winning battle per monster, so he receives no other advantage if you are rich. 😁

In this battle I was expecting a lot of Ranged attack creatures so I choosed Quix to reduce my opponent Ranged attack damage and Speed by one. This worked pretty well now I just had to remove that monstrous Uriel from my way.

The Cripple ability on all monsters helps a lot against creatures like Uriel who has a lot of Health, Heal and Tank Heal from his backline by decreasing his maximum Health with each of my successful hit. 😇

1️⃣ We had a lot of things going on in round one and it was quite a long round as well with 43 different events happening in it. Around half way of this round my enourmous damage output killed his Uriel, but unfortunately Adelade ressurected him back to life with 1 Health and 7 Armor. 😠

My Sneaker team managed to kill their Djinn Renova just before the first round has ended, which is always nice to see. 😆

2️⃣ In the second round I lost my Grund (like I said before he doesn't have any protective ability), but at least I killed his Uriel once again. My Sand Worm prooved again that he doesn't have any eyes and missed his target and letting him survive. 😔

3️⃣ One of my favorite monster was still alive and that was the Carnage Titan, so his Shield ability helped a lot to my Sneaker damage dealers to to their magic and kill my opponent backline.

4️⃣ In the fourth round my opponent lost another two creature, so his faith was sealed and I won the battle, with the help of my solid tanks and Sneaker creatures. 😊


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Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge.
I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞