RE: Conqueror Jacek Gold Foil Airdropped

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I did, but in a cheat kind of way.
I purchased them on the secondary market, picked up 120 at an average price of 6.88 swap.hive. I was asleep during the sale, but wasn't sure I was going to buy - and I suppose, given the voucher cost and sps made the packs about 6 bucks, I felt getting them at nearly half that on secondary market was my small win. I had to sell my PLOT though to really stack up, gambling on a few nice gold foils to balance things out.

But, if RW sells out the other 2.4 million pack in minutes - these might be worth a small fortune on the secondary market, in which case, I might sell them, buy my plot back and then pick and choose what cards to buy on the market.

Either way, I can't see myself losing too badly - need to average 70 cents per card pulled. I can't see that being too far out of the question.
Good luck tomorrow!