Rarity: RARE
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MAGIC


Ruleset and line-up:

Unprotected - Monsters do not have any Armor and do not get any Armor from Abilities or Summoner buffs.
Holy Protection - All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
Mana Cap of 42.
Available Splinters - Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon

My Team:

Summoner: Obsidian (+1 to all Magic damage)

1. Grund - Melee Damage Dealer with the Double Strike ability
2. Venari Spellsmith - Magic Damage Dealer with the Dispel ability
3. Regal Peryton - Magic Damage Dealer with the Flying ability
4. Goblin Psychic - Magic Damage Dealer with the Tank Heal ability
5. Djinn Biljka - Magic Damage Dealer with the Camouflage and Void ability
6. Mycelic Slipspawn - Magic Damage Dealer with the Taunt ability


Every Monster of the team should be able to attack to get rid of the Divine Shields as soon as possible. Grund's Double Strike ability leading to 7 attacks in the first round hopefully giving me an advantage for the later rounds. Because of the Unprotected ruleset I decided to use Venari Spellsmith instead of Queen Mycelia, because her protect ability would be useless anyways.

Position 1 - Grund:

The only Melee attack and the Double Strike ability, of course Grund is placed in the front. He is a beast dealing up to 6 damage per round.

Position 2 - Venari Spellsmith:

Placed in this position because it has the weakest attack damage of my Team, so basically a meat shield for the ones behind it.

Position 3 - Regal Peryton:

Good damage, great evasive abilities - at least against non-magic attacks. Hoping to get some dodges with this one to keep the Goblin Psychic and Djinn Biljka out of harms reach as long as possible.

Position 4 - Goblin Psychic:

Good damage and the tank heal make this one of my favorite earth cards. The goal is to get at least 2 heals on Grund, so he can focus on taking out the opponents.

Position 5 - Djinn Biljka:

Great damage for a 3 mana card, and thanks to the Camouflage ability it can't be attacked through normal means, that is was it was placed in the back

Position 6 - Mycelic Slipspawn:

Decided to use Slipspawn as a Taunt tank in the back to keep most of the damage from Grund for as long as possible


Round 1:

Because of the Unprotected ruleset, high damage and the Dispel ability of Venari Spellsmith my team manages to take out Grum Flameblade before it can attack.

Round 2:

Slipspawn goes down, but it did its job keeping the rest of the team out of harms reach for the first round. Due to my high damage the next opponent monster goes down leading to a 5vs4 in the next round.

Round 3:

The opponent decided to use sneak attacks, which wasn't very health for the Goblin Psychic in this round. But the Regal Peryton manages to dodge an attack.

Round 4:

Highest attack speed Monster Regal Peryton takes down Ureaus, and the other Monster manage to take down the Striker, forcing Ranged attacker Countess Sinash to the front rendering her useless.

Final Round:



My Double Strike front, Taunt in the back tactic worked out nicely. Didn't expect the Venari Spellsmith Dispel to maybe play a vital role in this match. Who knows what would have happened if Grum Flameblade was able to get an attack in.

The Venari Spellsmith isn't one of my favorite cards. I usually only it in the Little League ruleset or when I don't have better options with little mana left. The abilities in the higher levels seem interesting though. Maybe it will be used more often once I play in higher leagues.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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