RollerCoin Season 2 is MUCH WORSE than Season One and THAT IS OK



So, in my last article focusing directly on RollerCoin I focused on how RollerCoin Season 1 was an absolutely incredible value and this could not continue. How I'm back to say that RollerCoin Season 2 is much worse than RollerCoin Season 1 and ... that's ok. I'm not going to focus on the ways in which S2 pales in comparison to S1, if you are looking for information there I recommend my guildmate Silver'sawesome article. What I want to focus on this morning is why this is ok.

When a pendulum swings left and then right, that is normal.

RollerCoin season 1 was so amazingly good the final miner you unlocked in the process was named Perfection. The price for an event pass seemed high to damn near everyone at 150 RLT but the +700% payoff for that money was the kind of thing really no RollerCoin player could ignore. Not only that, but near the end of the event a lot of people noticed for the first time that the ability to buy levels was on a sliding scale meaning if you were only missing a level or two you could unlock the Perfection miner for $10-20. Score!

All and all I ended up spending about 170 RLT on the first RollerCoin season and, as I got nearly 1000 RLT worth of items, felt really good about that. I also immediately knew that the worst possible thing that could happen is RollerCoin trying to top this event.

The worst thing that RollerCoin could do is get into a race with itself to have more powerful miners each season. I say "more powerful" as opposed to better for a lot of reasons. For the moment, let's just say that every single season miners got 1/10th better. In games this effect is often called POWER CREEP.


Power Creep is a very normal part of game design and something any designer worth their salt will know to watch out for. If left out of control Power Creep kills all the game assets that came before them by making them strictly worse then the options currently being sold. This does something worse than burning out players: It burns entire games to the ground.

When players have no faith that the game assets they are currently purchasing are going to be worth anything in the future a game has lost what makes those assets collectable. When a game looses that in it's assets it literally stops being a collectibles game because that secondary market is atrophying and dying. I've seen this time and time again in dozens of games. No matter how good a game is if the secondary market has fundamental problems it's weeks from collapse. Don't believe me? Research the launch of Artifact on Steam to see how an amazing game can be butchered in hours.

So, that brings us back to the Dark Star update.

So yeah ... Dark Star sucks when compared to S1. The miners look cool and, other than that, I love you like being punched in the face. The quests suck, the quest rewards are smaller, the level up path has been changed, and the season pass is more expensive than ever. What a bummer.

As I ready to say it's not worth it: No.

Am I going to buy this season? Maybe.

In this unique industry, where we are constantly asked to evaluate all manner of odd and new virtual products, it makes a lot of sense to do that by comparing them. One of the thing things that drives me crazy in the Play2Earn cryptogaming space is seeing people equate "less than" to "worthless". I saw a ton of this when Splinterlands recently changed the prize structure for the two lowest leagues to pay in Credits as opposed to DEC. I saw many calling Credits a worthless asset and, in each case, tried to kindly remind everyone that you can buy Splinterlands cards with credits too. I guess what I'm saying here is that I want to appeal to your optimism, think about Season 2 as cold pizza.


RollerCoin is the local pizza joint and, while every pizza being better than the last would be amazing, that would be a really hard bar to meet !I'm finding myself glad that RollerCoin has seasons, quests, daily sales, and these rewards at all and trying to evaluate if they are worth the price being asked for them. That seems like the most fair way to evaluate in this situation. Would I rather pay 250 RLT for a copy of S1? Hell yeah! But that's not what is on offer right now and, as we covered, that's what's best for the life of the game.

Listen, I'm not going to stand here and tell you Dark Star is a great deal and much to be excited about. I'm also no t going to be another one o the folks calling this the death of RollerCoin. RollerCoin is an amazing project and has a bright future. This Season is showing is that the project has breaks and, in the view of this author, that's a very good thing.


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