What Are The Three Best Cards To Start Out With In Splinterlands?

This is a question I have seen asked a few times but what is the real answer?

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Anyone new coming into Splinterlands definitely has their work cut out for them to get started unless they make some investments into cards to play the game. You don't have to invest but it will make things move a long much faster then just playing for free. Either way it is a personal choice on how you want to proceed with the game in the beginning. Investing doesn't mean you have to buy cards you can take a more affordable route and rent them to build up your account so you can afford to buy cards with crypto instead of out of pocket.

With all that being said, I have seen the question come up a few times, What are the best three cards to start with as a noob? If you are just doing battles I would say there is probably a direct answer to this question. If you are doing quests I don't think there is a direct answer since you have to play the splinter of the quest you have for that day. If you have strong cards in one splinter it will not help you if you don't have that splinter on a quest for that day. If you don't have any good cards to play for the specific splinter in the quest for that day then you will have to battle your way through till you get lucky and win five battles to complete your quest.

Being able to use better cards in each splinter will win you more quest battles and keep you from losing league ratings when you are doing your quests. The problem I have run into in my short time playing this game is winning regular battles and progressing only to be knocked back when playing quests because I don't have the quality of cards needed to win quest battles. So to me the answer to the question of the best three cards is that you need to have a well rounded deck to effectively progress in the game and there is no three card line up to get you there.